Basket Gift Ideas for Men

By Lara Donold

It is believed that gifting men is really very difficult as one gets limited to just some shirts, deodorant or some watches but the reality is very different. There are number of things that can be gifts for men and the choices are just unlimited. All you have to know is the choice of the person whom you want to give a gift.

Here are some unique gift ideas for men.

Some gift basket ideas for men

  • If your boyfriend, brother or dad is movie freak then this idea is very well suited for him. What you can do is, buy some snacks which one can have while watching movie put in some tinned coke and some of his favorite DVDs. If you want you can also put movie ticket and place the entire thing in a basket. Tie it with ribbon and attach a wish note. He will surely love it
  • It is said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so you can try out this one. Put in some of his favorite cookies, snacks or chocolates and some coffee beans. Write beautiful loves quote and every time he will have a bit of his favorite items he will remember you
  • For men who love sports this one is the best for them. Put all the sports item that he likes. You can try out t-shirts, sprays, hair gel, hand band even shoes in a big basket and gift wrap it. Sports books will also be a great idea
  • Male spa stuffs are also a great idea for the same, any kind of such gift item will delight him. Towels, perfumes, after shave, toner, shaving cream, powder all are very good for this kind of gift idea
  • If your guy is adventure freak and loves fishing then you can gift him fishing hook, fishing lines, nails, screw driver, fishing book so that you both can enjoy by the river side
  • Different kinds of video game can also be given for people who love online games
  • Simple gift like coffee mug, coffee beans, sugar and tea bag are also not a bad idea
  • Dresses are also a good option for the gift. Now there can be a number of dress options for men starting from traditional to modern to formal. Along with the dress you can also gift him accessories like hand band, funky rings and other related stuff
  • If he is a car lover then you can gift him car cleaning stuffs, like cleaner, polishing stuffs etc
  • If he is a frequent traveler then paper soaps, napkins, small travel bags and other toiletries are also a good gift idea

Any gift for men is not that difficult to find all that one needs is some creativity and of course you have to know the taste of your man. Something of his choice has to be given. A set of some related things is always a good idea, it does not matter what you decide to gift him always find a related items and give it along with the main gift.

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