Father’s Day Gift Ideas: A Unique Gift Basket for Dad

By Sarah Morse

Socks, watches, undershirts, ties – tell me you aren’t guilty of wrapping up one of these gifts last minute for Father’s Day. The holiday just kind of creeps up on you, right? You care deeply about your father and would like to honor him on his special day.

Although you have many options, these options can become overwhelming, and before you know it you’re buying him another red-and-blue striped tie. It’s nice, and he likes it, but it’s not unique. For a more unique gift, why not try buying him a Father’s Day gift basket? Here are some things to consider before and during the gift basket purchasing process to end up with the perfect gift for Dad.

Why a Father’s Day Gift Basket?

Gift baskets in general are a neat gift to give anyone. With multiple gifts in one place, they make every holiday and special occasion like Christmas. Gift baskets for men range widely. Most, honestly, even if they are targeted towards men, do not stray from the “usual” basket contents, with plush teddy bears and snack-sized treats. Although some men will love these baskets, others will better appreciate a more “manly” gift. The baskets come with themes, and are assembled and wrapped in an attractive fashion. Most times, you can include a personalized note for the recipient.

Your Budget for a Father’s Day Gift

Deciding on a budget for your Father’s Day gift is the most important preparatory step in your gift-locating journey. This may seem obvious, but it is easy to get excited and carried away once you start looking, and before you know it spend a fortune. Your goal is to find something special for your father, not break your (if you’re like me) already broken bank account. That will help no one. To avoid this, write down a price range that fits with your overall budget, and stick to this range.

Unique gift baskets can range in price from $10 to about $200 (with some exceptions), so compared to an iPad or a flat screen TV, this is a much more affordable choice.

Brainstorm for a Perfect Unique Gift Basket

I’m sure you are familiar with the saying, “It’s the thought that counts.” Often, it’s used as consolation for someone who didn’t choose quite the right gift. If you put just a little thought into the present before you buy it, however, you can avoid the dreaded statement altogether.

Take a piece of paper and write down every detail you can think of in a minute about your father. Use these questions as a guide:


  • What’s his job?
  • What are his hobbies?
  • His likes and dislikes?
  • What bothers him?
  • What does he complain about?
  • How does he relax?
  • What are his favorite foods and beverages?

Once you have these items down, certain themes will start to jump out at you.

Choosing the Right Gift

Here’s where it gets interesting. Gift baskets for men come in all different themes including sports (golf, football, baseball, etc.), fishing, games, and tools. General baskets also have specific gourmet themes including coffee, tea, chocolate, and cheese – so those are always an option as well.

Now what it comes down to is finding a basket that fits your budget as well as your father. Places like Amazon have thousands and thousands of unique gift baskets from hundreds of different merchants. Start your shopping early and you should be all set for a Father’s Day present that will truly give pleasure to Dad.

For more suggestions and examples of great Father’s Day gift baskets, visit http://unique-gift-baskets.com.

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