Gift Ideas for Girls

Giving gifts to girls just got easy for you. Gift ideas for girls will help you pick the best gift for your girl and make the moment special. Read on…

We women rarely fuss about anything at all (pun intended)! With a plethora of gift items meant for girls, there is an unending string of gift ideas for girls. The most important point about gifting is that you must know the taste of the lady. Whether she is your daughter, girlfriend, wife or fiancée, take her opinion about what she would like as a gift, but discreetly!

This will make your gift special, in more ways than one. It will be treasured and cherished for a long time than you can imagine. If you can’t get her opinion, these gift ideas for girls will definitely come in handy while buying a gift for your girl.

Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

If she’s hit the terrific thirteen or just turned sweet sixteen, there are a range of gift ideas for teenage girls. Girls in their teen years love to experiment with beauty products. So gifting them a set of natural mineral makeup would be a fabulous idea. Natural mineral makeup kits are completely organic, so they don’t hurt the skin and go well with all skin types.

Jewelry, funky handbags, boots or shoes and iPod will be brilliant gifts ideas for 13 year old girls. If you want to tickle your teenage daughter’s creativity, you could get her a year’s membership to a dance class, nature club, film club or a gym. There isn’t much of a difference between a 12 year old and a 13 year old; so, gift ideas for 12 year old girls are pretty much the same.

Gift Ideas for Working Girls

  • Rule 1: Girls love to be gifted
  • Rule 2: Age doesn’t matter

Yes, it’s true. No matter what the age is, girls love to get gifts. It makes them feel special, cared for and loved. Their demanding lifestyle leaves little room for pampering themselves. To fulfill the need for pampering, stress relief gifts, spa vouchers, designer luggage bags, informal necklaces, collection of old LPs, modern home decor items and organic cosmetics would be ideal gift ideas for these girls.

Gift Ideas for Sporty Girls

Sporty girls are out there on the court, but love to drink martinis, with an air that asks, “Doubles, anyone?”! They are like Charlotte from the famous series Sex and the City. A golfer’s kit, a classic shirt dress, vintage polo styled shirts, gardening tools, haute tea sets, pashmina shawls, tote bags, timeless winter pendants and cute sweaters will be loved by these outdoorsy chics.

Gift Ideas for College Girls

College is the time you make friends, who become your family. Here are some incredible gift ideas for girls that you can give your college friend on her special day. Monogrammed sweaters, necklace with her initials, birthstone jewelry, bath products and accessories will be loved by your friend. If you are looking for making the gift more personalized, you can make a scrapbook with all the photographs signed with a message. This will be a souvenir for a lifetime.

There is never a one-size-fits-all gift for a girl. Each girl is different from the other, which is why you ought to think differently. To make your gift stand out, always leave a handwritten note. This adds a personal touch to the gift and makes it more romantic (if that’s what your point was!). Hope these gift ideas for girls help you in picking the best gift. At the end of it all, more than the price tag and the gift, it is the thought behind it that would matter to a girl. Read more on: gift ideas for girlfriend.

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