Coming Up With Great Gift Ideas

In this day and age, when gift cards are the quick solution to gift giving, people appreciate thoughtful, personal gifts more than ever. While choosing the perfect gift can present a challenge to even the most seasoned shopper, finding something special shows how much you care.

When you give personal gifts rather than generic cards or gift certificates, your efforts are sure to be appreciated – no matter who the recipient is.

Shopping for gifts for young children is fun and exciting! You may already have some idea what to get the little ones, since they are notorious at dropping hints. If you feel like you are at a loss, you can find toys and games that are based on children’s television programs.

If you like, you can simply take a trip to the toy store and select something that looks like fun to you. Choosing presents that allow children to engage in creative play can help them learn, grow, and have fun all at the same time.

Teenagers can be a bit more challenging to shop for. Gifts that incorporate technology are normally very well received, as are gifts that can be used for a favorite sport or hobby. Great gift ideas for graduates include laptops, ebook readers, and jewelry or watches.

Young adults between 21 and 30 tend to have many interests, so gift ideas can vary. If the person you are shopping for loves the outdoors, consider giving sporting goods or camping equipment. Personal electronics are popular with just about anyone, and meaningful books and other media are also well received.

Adults between the ages of thirty and forty can be more difficult to shop for. People in this age range often have everything they need, and then some. If you can give the gift of travel, these overworked people usually appreciate it very much!

Avoid giving silly gag gifts to people who are turning 40 – unless you are sure that the recipient will see and appreciate the humor of the situation. In many cases, gifts like this end up in the trash or the bottom of a drawer. Many people who are just reaching middle age enjoy presents that help them to relax and enjoy life.

A trip to the spa, or a kit full of personal goodies like bath salts and lotions is a thoughtful way to promote relaxation. Books and ebook readers are universally popular with forty-somethings.

People over fifty are normally very well settled and have very specific tastes. Great gifts for people in their fifties and beyond ought to be personal, and they should be thoughtfully chosen. Pick presents that are fun and useful – if a person enjoys a hobby or a sport, like golf, get something that he or she can use to enjoy it even more.

After age sixty, people tend to find more time to spend at home, but picking gifts that are suitable can be tricky. Many people who have retired enjoy working in their gardens, traveling, or picking up new hobbies.

Plants and blooming bulbs, fun travel accessories, and entertainment items are great gifts for people sixty and above. Have fun, give personal gifts, and enjoy the act of giving – no matter what the occasion.

By: Phyllis C. Miles

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