Electronic Cigarette – Altering the Entire World for the Much Better Together With Imitation Cigarette

Who’s heard of the electronic cigarette? If you haven’t its’ about time you did and if you have it’s about time you started using one. I’m assuming you are already a nicotine addict otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog.

Which is here to tell you about ecigarettes and how they can make the life of even the most hopeless nicotine addict a lot brighter.

As fellow addicts you will already know the dual shame of being enslaved to a substance that will be the indirect result of your own death; and of having to creep around in the few places left where you can still legally smoke while all the healthy people look at you like you have some kind of virulent communicable disease. Well the electronic cigarette is here to make all that go away.

Ecigarettes give you all the nicotine you need, for the rest of your life if you like, without either the personal or wider social problems that tobacco use can cause. Using tobacco basically kills you, we all know that – and it gives you all sorts of unsightly or unpleasant side effects along the way. Using the electronic cigarette does one thing and one thing only: gives you a clean hit of nicotine just the way you like it, without any of those associated problems.

The great success of ecigarettes lies in their embracing the habits and requirements of the addict. As a nicotine user you need to smoke, you need to suck heated vapour into your lungs and you need that comforting crutch, that little white tube you can pull out and light up when you feel stressed or bored or miserable or tired.

The electronic cigarette is the only nicotine replacement therapy to do that. It’s the only thing that recognises your habit for what it is, something that needs replacing rather than breaking. No true smoker is going to quit without filling that hole in his or her life with another habit. Ecigarettes work because they let you replace a damaging smoking habit with a much healthier one. Your body and your mind barely even notice the switch.

By allowing you to smoke even when you are not smoking (the e cigarette gives off a hot liquid nicotine vapour, which you inhale), the electronic cigarette sidesteps one of the worst parts of the doomed quitting cycle experienced by millions of smokers all over the world. There’s no shame and no regret with the e cigarette, because you haven’t “stopped smoking” at all.

And that means you don’t feel shame about starting up again. Because with ecigs you probably never will. You’ll save so much money and feel so much better, whist still inhaling heated nicotine in particulate form, that you’ll either stick where you are or quit altogether.

As a halfway house the electronic cigarette is perfect. It gets rid of the tobacco without killing the smoking. It delivers the nicotine without removing your cigarette from your hands. You can downgrade the nicotine dose in very deliberate stages by using cartridges with progressively weaker strengths.

You can smoke anywhere you like without being vilified as an outcast. You won’t smell and you won’t have people thinking that you are damaging their children’s lungs or increasing the risk that they will become addicted to nicotine.

Ecigarettes make the world of the addict a better place – where your habit is acceptable and out in the open.

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