Halloween! Kids Love Gifts

Halloween is my favorite time of year! Welcome to my Get Ready for Halloween article series. I will be writing and sharing about many Halloween ideas to help all my loyal readers prepare to make their Halloween the best it can be.

Yes, Halloween is a great time to give gifts. Sure it is not vintage Halloween custom to be giving Halloween gifts to your kids and I’m not saying you should spoil your kids, but maybe the gift can be “earned”. The kids have been in school for a couple months and maybe if they’ve been doing well they might have “earned” a opportunity for something a little extra.

Now, I am in no way saying you should spoil your kids. They need to learn that with good work, behavior, etc., they can earn special privileges. What should they do to earn a Halloween gift? Well, as I already stated, they could do well in school, help around the house, rake up the fall leaves, or maybe even volunteer somewhere in your community. Heck, I just made my 3 and 5 year olds do chores around the house for four weeks to earn a new Clone Wars toy.

What makes good Halloween gifts? An obvious one might be that you buy them a nicer or more elaborate costume or some new lawn or home decorations. However, gifts don’t always have to be material items. A great “gift” might be to host a party or allow your child to go to a party. Maybe a special trip to your local haunted house would be fun. Lastly, another idea might be to do a special weekend away from home at a water park hotel or such.

Hope these have been good tips and guidelines for your Halloween. Kids love to please and Halloween gifts are a great way to give a bit back.

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween!

Thank You, Brian Dick

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