Valentines Day Green Gift Ideas

We associate the colors pink and red with Valentine’s Day but how about Green. I am talking about green ideas rather than the actual color. Valentine’s Day has been dubbed a Hallmark type of holiday that has consumerism written all over it.

With the build up and promotions of gift giving once again (much like Christmas) we are dooped into thinking we must prove our love through a flashy gift. It’s funny because even though many people realize this they still end up participating in it. As a girl, I like to celebrate it only to remind myself not to take love and the special one in my life for granted.

So how do you engage in the holiday without sacrificing your eco habits? I put together this list of gift and date ideas for guys and girls. You might find them a little more fun and creative as opposed to the standard operating procedure of giving roses and going out to a movie.

Plantable Card – These are such a cute and different way of saying I love you. For example this card that says “We make a perfect Pear” with wildflowers seeds in them. The cards are printed on eco friendly seed paper made from post-consumer materials. There are many different little sayings to choose from and at only 3.95 each that’s pretty much the same amount you would spend on one at the store.

Lava Rock Candle Holder – For a romantic evening most people light a candle or two. This candleholder is made from a lava rock. I don’t know who wouldn’t think that’s pretty cool. It holds three tea light candles and costs a mere $7.00! Pair this gift idea with some all-natural soy candles and you’ll have a thoughtful gift set for any “crunchy” loved one.

Organic Wine – A true naturalist (that enjoys a drink here or there) would really appreciate a bottle of organic wine. Organic wine is harvested in vineyards that don’t use herbicides or pesticides and is made from all organic grapes.

Wallet – This is a great gift idea for men because Valentine’s Day isn’t all about the girls! This wallet is very cool for the guy that is consumer conscious. It is handcrafted from reclaimed truck inner tubes in Boulder, Colorado. It’s also 100% Vegan and is a great alternative to animal products.

Cook An Organic Meal and “Staycate” – Instead of planning for a trip outside the home, save emissions and stay home with your partner. Cook them a wonderful healthy organic meal, take a warm bath together and pop open some organic wine.

Make a romantic CD – You know when you hear that song on the radio that reminds you of your boyfriend/girlfriend. Compile a playlist of all the songs that take you back. Even if they use their ipod for working out or driving, they can still copy the songs onto it. The idea is that when you are together on Valentine’s Day you can listen to the songs that remind you of each other or when you first started to date and spark up some romance.

Buy A Potted Plant – Roses are often the staple to this holiday. Unfortunately, most roses are grown under unfair working conditions and in poisonous greenhouses. Nearly 650 million roses each year are imported into the U.S. from greenhouses in Ecuador. Don’t give an expected gift like roses this year, try a beautiful plant and pair it with a plantable card as mentioned above.

Everybody loves to hear I love you. Don’t’ say it with the roses or chocolate (unless it’s organic.) Show your sweetie that you care with some of these smart eco-friendly green gift ideas. If you must get flowers, have a chat with your florist to see what the best environmentally friendly option is.

You don’t have to ditch this holiday because of the consumer push that’s out there. Ignore the commercials, ads, and teddy bears hugging hearts at the store and try an unconventional green gift. Your love interest will thank you for it!

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