Gift Wrap Bows And Four More Present Ideas

Christmas, birthdays, and other special occasions can be fun for both the giver and the receiver, but they can also be stressful. The receiver must pretend to like everything they get, even if it is as off the mark as it could possibly be. The giver must not only be concerned with buying the right present, but also whether the gift has a thoughtful presentation.

For some, this just means using some wrapping paper. If you’re tired of just going the usual route, however, here are some creative ideas you can use. From beautiful gift wrap bows to personal photography, here are five ideas to beautify your presents.

Gift Wrap Bows

Sure, this isn’t as “outside the box” as some other ideas, but it is nonetheless something many present-givers miss. They wrap the present with some nice paper, maybe put a nametag on the front of the package, and call it a day. But is a present even a present until you put a pretty bow on it? It’s debatable!

Getting Creative

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your presents pretty. In fact, some of the most delightful, creative ideas are born out of everyday objects. Cut pictures and designs out of magazines for a creative alternative to wrapping paper that your friends and family will never see coming.

Fun Shapes

Use scissors, cookie cutters, and any other templates you can think of to cut your nametags into fun and striking shapes. Sure, you can buy the ones shaped like a Christmas tree, but that isn’t going to do you much good for a birthday present. Think about some of your recipient’s favorite things and you’ll get some great ideas.


If you can incorporate pictures of your friends and family into your presents, you’ll personalize them in a way that no greeting card corporation could ever hope of competing with. It takes little effort, but it can make an impact that the most elaborate gift wrap bows could never make on their own. Pictures also make excellent presents themselves when placed in lockets, frames, or jewelry.


Go easy on the glitter if giving your present to a boy or an adult of either sex, but it can really spice up a present intended for a young girl. You might want to make sure it gets opened in a place that can be easily swept or vacuumed.

Is a present really a present without gift wrap bows on top? Get yours at and the see your loved one’s face light up as they unwrap a gift.

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