Create Your Own Gift Depicting Pictures Of Loved Ones

As the holiday season approaches, once again, many of us are turning our thoughts to gift giving and that same old question – what can I get them for Christmas? Buying for the people that seem to have everything is always difficult, so this year perhaps you might want to consider something different – create your own gift that is specifically designed for the person in question.

Given the development of the photo gifts industry, it’s now easy than ever to make your own gift. Just check out a few online photo gift stores, you will find thousands of products to choose from, all of which can easily be personalized with your own photos, logos, designs and text.

Another thing worth noting is it no longer costs more money to create your own custom personalized gifts – nearly all photo gifts can now be personalized free of any additional costs – in many cases this actually makes personalized gifts cheaper than their ready-made cousins that are found in high street stores the land over!

Finding the best products to personalize

When you create your own gift one of the most important things you must make sure you do right is choosing the best base products – in other words you would not want to pick a custom lighter for a non-smoker – I know this sounds obvious but it is intended to illustrate the point.

So your first goal should be to find a product that the gift recipient is likely to find useful, it’s obviously even better if they don’t already own the product you choose.

Your second goal concerns how you design your gift – when you customize it you should find photos and designs that depict things the person has an interest in. For example, a grand-parent is always interested in their grand-children – so a perfect idea for a gift destined for a grand-parent would be something personalized with photos of their grand-children.

A few specific gifts ideas well worth consideration

Staying on the grand-parents theme, the majority of older ladies enjoy snuggling up under a blanket when they’re watching TV – so how about this for a gift idea for a grand-mother? A personalized blanket depicting a photo collage of their grand-children – for a finishing touch you may want to add the kids names, the date or some other meaningful message.

If grand-dad is a golfer something certainly worth considering is some personalized golf accessories. He would just love to have some personalized golf ball markers, a divot tool and maybe a matching hat clip, all depicting pictures of his grand-children. Can you imagine his pride showing off his grand-children in the club house?

Something well worth considering for a young child is a customized stool. They come in many shapes and sizes, some more useful than others, but they all have one thing in common, if you personalize them with photos of the child, and maybe their name too, the novelty value will help to keep them sat still at meal time.

Some kid’s stools make a great piece of children’s furniture; they also allow you to combine practicality and style. If you shop around you will find folding storage stools that have multiple uses – they can be a play stool, toy box and because of their fold-ability, you can take them with you wherever you go. Add the right customization and they can quickly become the child’s favorite play thing.

If you need a gift idea for a teenager you may want to check out a custom DVD/CD wallet. Some of the more common designs used when they are personalized include photos of their favorite band, their boyfriend or girlfriend. Self portraits have also become very popular. Don’t forget to add some appropriate text during the customization process – a few words can make any gift extra special.

Learn how to create your own gift using your own photos, logos, designs and text. David Sheath’s website, Make Your Own Gifts, offers 400+ fully customizable products that can all be personalized free of any additional costs when you make your own design. His site provides an enormous number of custom personalized gifts ideas

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