Christmas Gift Ideas for Toddlers – Furniture

This is the season to be giving! The most obvious questions – what in the world should I be giving? From November until the actual holiday arrives, many hours of sleep are lost in pursuit of the perfect gift. Buying a unique gift for toddlers can be hard. If you are looking for a big ticket item that both unique and practical – why not consider toddler furniture?

Toddler furniture is in a whole league of it’s own. Even if you are not looking to buy, if you have a decorative flair you’ll love browsing through a toddler furniture store. Rows upon rows of delightful and whimsical products are a delight to the eye. Here are some ideas that you should consider getting for your favorite toddler this holiday.

Stepping Stools: Toddlers are getting bigger, but most will still be too small to reach those high spots. Step stools can be invaluable to toddlers, allowing them to comfortably wash at the bathroom sink, look out the window and sneak those yummy cookies. Step stools can even come with storage space to hide away their little treasures. beautifully decorated, sometimes personalized and usually under $100, step stools make a great gift.

Rocking Chairs: Rocking chairs are no longer just for moms! Rocking chairs come in an assortment of designs, perfectly sized for the little kids. Children will love reading and relaxing on their very own rocking chair.

Kids Table and Chairs: This idea will usually run you over $100 for a quality set. There are hundreds of options out there, ranging from plain wood to intricately hand carved and hand painted pieces. Kids love having a table that is just the right size for them. Put it in the kitchen for eating or place in the playroom for creating art, doing puzzles and playing games.

Toy Boxes: Parents will love you for this one! Give your tot a place to store all the toys he’s bound to get this holiday season. Toy boxes make cleanup easy & fun. Toy boxes come in a variety of shapes, designs and colors. You can even personalize some of them.

Use this list to select the perfect Kids Christmas Gift. You’re gift is bound to be remembered long after the holiday is over!

Miriam Seitler is mother of 4 adorable children who lives in New Jersey. She is the owner of, a website for just toddlers. Ultra Quirky Tot carries a full line of Toddler Christmas gifts including personalized gifts, holiday clothing, and toys. They also have an adorable line of kids furniture including kids rocking chairs, step stools, table and chair sets and toy chests. Check out their Buy By Age Gift Guide which will help you choose the perfect age appropriate kids Christmas Gift.

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