Christmas Gifts You Should Never Give Your Mum

Mums. Traditionally, they cook the Christmas dinner, wrap the presents, make sure everyone’s entertained, fed and watered while the rest of the family watch TV, play games or listen to the Queen’s speech.

In this most sacred of seasons, the spirit of giving is supposed to be infallible, and a giver’s generosity beyond reproach.

But, you know what? Some Christmas presents for mums are bad. They should never be given. Even if you hate your mum.

Here’s a list of forbidden Christmas gifts for mums. Be warned. Giving any of the below will hurt a mum’s feelings or end up in the bin – or worst of all, get re-gifted.

A woolly Christmas jumper.Why would any mum want a jumper that is a.) hideous and b.) totally impractical? Unless it’s, perhaps, your family’s tradition and you’re all in on the joke, knitted jumpers do not – on any account – pass as “alright” Christmas gift ideas for mums.

A gym membership.Surely this doesn’t have to be explained? Do you really think gym memberships are Christmas gifts Mum will actually appreciate? By giving the “gift” of exercise, you’re saying to your mum, “You’re fat.” in addition to, “You need to get in shape.” What mum wants to hear that on a day off, not least on a festive day when she’s ostensibly about to devour an enormous turkey feast? Don’t give gym memberships unless you’re explicitly asked and even then, wait for her to beg.

Your old crockery, pots and pans.Picture the scene. It’s Christmas morning and your dear mum unwraps your beautifully wrapped gift, only to find an old frying pan along with a couple of chipped tea cups. How can your old things possibly make decent Xmas gifts for mum? News flash: Don’t give your mum – or anyone for that matter – your old stuff. And while we’re at it, don’t re-gift your new stuff either.

A dusty old tin filled with food stuff.What mum wouldn’t love receiving homemade biscuits or sweets, or a scrumptious cake? Just a word of warning: do not present these culinary delights in an uber dusty tin from the depths of your kitchen cupboard. And when you’re in the pound shop and you see some extra dusty tins on the bottom shelf filled with, say, those chocolate Santas, don’t do it. You have no idea how long they’ve been there, or if what’s inside is even edible. When your mum opens the tin, the chocolate-whatever inside will be stale and the sweets will probably break her teeth. These are oh-so bad Christmas gifts ideas for mums.

Seeking Christmas gift ideas for mums? GoneDigging has a fabulous selection of personalised Christmas ideas for mums, guaranteed to put a smile on her face. From food hampers to jewellery, to Christmas puds and calendars, there’s a whole gamut of gifts to suit all kinds of mums.

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