Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

With the current economic climate the way it is, many are having to make what they have go that little further. This Christmas is no different. For many having to buy friends, family and colleagues Christmas gifts and presents can be very expensive. Even if they are low cost gifts the quantity of them brings the cost up significantly.

Therefore, this Christmas why not consider making affordable gifts, that are unique and handmade. When simply purchasing a product from a shelf, often provides little personal touch or value. Especially when Christmas is a time for love and people to come together. Providing a less materialistic view, may not be what we are used to but may just improve the way we view Christmas.

Although this sounds great and of course anything that can help save you money will be worth trying. But what kind of affordable and hand made gifts are an option?. Well it depends on each persons ability to personalize and experiment in many different ways. Lets view the few options that can help provide a personal touch this Christmas to those you love.

Handmade Christmas Cards

Throughout December, everyone hands out cards to wish everyone a merry Christmas and its a traditional that will not likely disappear any-time soon. So why not replace the small gifts you often by close friends and colleagues that are merely for the sake of getting a gift. Hand-making a batch of Christmas cards, that includes your personality and style can be a much greater gift for anyone to receive.

Christmas cards often are used as decoration within many different environments, especially within the home and working environment. So why not create something that will be on show for the entire Christmas period. Just don’t forget to add a personal message or touch to each card in order to make then unique.

The materials, such as card and other accessories will be much cheaper than purchasing a large mix of novelty gifts.

Personalised Or Handmade Stockings

Creating or knitting a stocking, is another great Christmas gift for any loved one. Knitting the stocking by choosing the desired coloured wool, and patterns will ensure the present they receive is one of a kind. Consider hand embroidering a name tag in addition of other Christmas related objects.

This is a gift that will last many years, from a very young age to later in life. With the possibility to be passed down among generations. The gift remains within the Christmas theme, and shows that you know the person well. Not forgetting that it will also acts as decoration. With the ability to show you dedicated time and effort in creating a highly personal gift.

What’s more, because the materials can be bought in bulk and cheap. Consider making one for an entire family. Or replace simple pet gifts that are often wasted with their very own Christmas stocking. The possibilities are endless.

Handmade Christmas Hamper

The final affordable and handmade gift idea is to create your very own Christmas Hamper. This can help reduce costs in a variety of ways. For example, when buying for relatives this can result in a large number of gifts, especially when a large number of children are involved. Whereas instead of buying a large number of individual gifts that are often generic and simply bought as a last minute idea. Exchange this for a personalised Christmas hampers that will be given to each family to share and enjoy. Include foods that can be enjoyed on Christmas day, such as snacks and drinks.

Why not making them even more special by including some home-made jams and other spreads.

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