Golden Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

“Go for gold!”

Celebrating 50 years of marriage together is a fantastic achievement. This is probably the most celebrated out of all the wedding anniversaries. So, what is the best gift you can give to your spouse during your golden anniversary?

Gifts to make for the Occasion

Taking the time and effort to make your loved one a very special gift is a sweet romantic gesture. In this article, I will give you some tips on what to make your spouse during your golden anniversary as a gift.

1. Make a CD that includes all of your favorite songs together. Choose songs that will make both of you feel nostalgic just by listening to it. Once you have created the CD mix, wrap it in a gold-colored wrapping paper with a gold-colored ribbon.

2. Make a photo album. This is a good anniversary gift idea since you can go back to the highlights of your marriage together. Include pictures of the places you visited, your first lunch together, first breakfast together, or even the holiday escapades.

3. Create a poem or a love letter. If you have good writing skills then you could write a poem for your spouse. This is a creative thing to do to show your love and sweetness. Write a poem with a golden colored ink and put it in a golden frame.

This will really show your love for your spouse and how much you really care. It is also a wise decision to make anniversary gifts as it keeps the cost down. These homemade gifts can also be combined with a purchased anniversary gift you have. There are still lots of fantastic ideas for you to make for your anniversary. I will discuss it to you in the next article.

Gifts to Buy for the Occasion

1. Give your partner a personalized present. There are lots of numerous gifts out there but a personalized gift makes it unique and sweet.

2. Give your spouse a golden photo frame. A golden photo frame is a good anniversary gift with your pictures in it. Find the most meaningful photo the two of you have got and place it inside the frame. Also, write a letter when giving it to your partner.

3. Buy tickets. You can buy tickets for a sports event, a movie or a concert. When giving it to your spouse, wrap a golden ribbon around it.

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