Creating A Customized Gift

Is it hard to find a gift for someone special? Does he or she already have everything? Having trouble finding something that says just the right thing? A customized gift could be the answer. When customizing a gift, the only limit is your imagination, and it is appropriate for most occasions. Whether it is for a wedding, anniversary, or special occasion, a personalized gift says “This is special to me.”

Creating a special gift does not have to be hard. Many stores offer simple engraving, sometimes even for items purchased elsewhere. They can customize cups, mugs, silverware, or just about anything you might want to give. Here are a few examples:


A few years ago just about the only thing you could do with photos was to put them in an album or scrapbook. Today they are made into cards, calendars or just about anything else imaginable. A simple poster from a trip or event is easy to make, either at a photo lab, print shop, or at home on a computer. There are web sites that can take an image and blow it up to poster size, print it, and ship it anywhere in the world. It is easy to build a montage of photos using free or commercial software. Photographs show up on clothing, cakes, and vehicles, to name a few possibilities.

Personalized Writing

Personalized stories have been around as long as writing, but used to be a lot harder to find. They can be as intimate as a completely original and unique tale written for (or about) the recipient or as simple as a book with the name of the recipient inserted into the story. If a story is too much, a poem or song will often make an impression. Children enjoy stories about themselves, and a story built around a set of pictures is very popular. There are websites that provide personalized stories, and people with writing talent can create their own.


Jewelry is a statement in itself, but customized jewelry goes to the next level. At its most basic, customized jewelry is engraved with a simple message. A locket with a picture, a short poem, or both, speaks volumes. Larger items can have images engraved on them. Some stores can take a photo and engrave it on jewelry and other items. For a price, jewelers can often make simple alterations, like changing the stone in a ring, to stock items. Some jewelers are able to make custom jewelry to order. Giving a unique, one of a kind ring or necklace as a gift is seldom a bad idea.

Other ideas

When thinking of giving a customized gift, the possibilities are endless. Custom decorative frames enhance pictures, poems, or drawings. If a person has artistic talents, placing one of his or her works in a frame makes a meaningful gift. For a gift that will last long in the memory, though it is short-lived, find a restaurant that will allow you to decorate a table, or that has private rooms. Prepare the table an hour or so ahead of time. It does not take a lot of effort, but creates a lasting impression.

Usually any gift is appreciated, but giving a creative personal gift shows care and thoughtfulness that creates a lasting impression.

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