Giving Gifts for the Ladies

Most men do not know what to give women when it comes to presents. Depending on the situation, it may even become more complicated. It all boils down to your intention when giving gifts. Different gifts have varying connotations depending on several factors. It may be a simple sign of appreciation to an expression of love.

Giving gifts is a hard thing to do when you keep thinking if the receiver will like it or not. The more you concern yourself with how they are going to react, the more time it will take you to find a gift for them. It can be detrimental to think of how they are going to react, but it also allows you to aim for a response you would like them to have. Here are some specific situations that may guide you in choosing gifts.

I Like Her, but Only as a Friend

You do not want her to think of something else when you give her a gift. It is not her birthday, but you should at least show her that you appreciate her as your friend. The problem is you fear it may be misunderstood as something romantic. Chocolates, flowers, and other traditionally romantic gifts are out of the question.

In this scenario, your best bet is to give them something you both share as friends. You may love the same television shows, or engage in the same type of sports. Give them something related to these things and you will not have any problems. Buy them a poster, tickets to a game, or custom T-shirts designed with the things you both love.

I Like Her More than a Friend

You have been aching to tell her this for years, but cannot seem to put it in words. A gift is a great way to show how much you love her. Traditionally romantic gifts are still a no-no if you want to stray from basic present ideas for women. Listen to her carefully when she talks. She may be giving subtle hints of what she wants. Pattern your gifts according to her likes and you can show her how much you understand her.

You might as well amp up your presentation if you are willing to go for basic gifts. Anyone can buy anything from the local grocery store. You have to show her that you worked hard to get the present. It does not matter how much the gift is; what matters is your effort. You can turn a simple gift into a work of art by changing up your presentation. Plan how the gift will fall into her hands or turn it into a treasure hunt with clues to the location of the gift.

Your effort in the presentation can be admirable, but it would have less impact if the gift is not special. Buy high quality gifts from gift shops they have never heard of before.

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