Five Great Gift Ideas For College Students

Missing your son or daughter? Rest assured that although they may not show it, they are missing you too. There are numerous occasions where getting just a little something from Mom & Dad is the boost your college student needs to trudge ahead, cheer them up and ease them into the transition from home to college. Here are just a few gift-giving, cheer-spreading ideas:

1. With many students living miles from home, you won’t get to share family holidays together such as Easter and Halloween like you used to. Send them a basket full of goodies or some fresh-baked cookies to let them know you care during those holidays away from home.

2. Final exam care packages are always a big hit. There really is nothing better than food and drink to energize someone studying for finals. Care packages today come in many varieties ranging from caffeine items for the coffee lover, to all-natural nutritious snack choices including fruit and energy bars.

3. Birthdays are always big celebrations amongst friends and family. You can join in the fun by sending a fresh-baked birthday cake or party in a box that includes candles, party blowers and party hats for several people. We always suggest that you send enough food for them to share with their friends because, believe it or not, all parents are not as considerate.

4. Study break gifts are a fabulous way to encourage your student to put the books down and have some good, clean fun with their friends. Perhaps send the game Cranium or Taboo. Both are great games for a group and outrageously fun. Throw in a few snacks and your student will be all set. I can’t think of a better way for your son or daughter to build camaraderie. My hall in the dorm used to sit around many nights playing games or watching TV while enjoying snacks. They will be thrilled that you thought of them and score some points with their friends too!

You can either shop online or locally to find some of the above items or you can put together your little gifts yourself. Some great ideas of things to use are a container from the container store or Target. Items such shower totes, nested boxes or crates can be used after all the enclosed items are gone. Fill the container with things like high-liters, pencils, note-pads, aspirin, energy bars, granola bars, pretzels, cracker jack, chips, chex mix, buttered microwave popcorn, candy bars, jelly beans, rice krispie bars, cookies, crackers, coffee, cocoa, tea and fruit juice. Basically, fill it with whatever your son or daughter enjoys. After all, you know them best!

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