Asian Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate this day for mom than with Asian Gifts for Mom.

Japanese Yukata For her Closet:

Briefly known as yukata, a stylish yukata surely can go a long way — from keeping mom cool during the warm summer months, as a great addition to her classy closet, makeup robe, travel robe, bathrobe, Asian party dress for the summer festivals and more! Pick one in a pretty shade of red to make for a standout Asian gift.

Japanese Tea Set For her Kitchen:

Nothing makes for a beautiful and quick bonding moment with mom — whether on her kitchen, office, dining room, coffee table, or the veranda — than with a great cup of tea that is delightfully served from a genuine Japanese tea set. It can also work double as an Asian decor, mom would surely have it as her first pick for social dining with family and friends on her home or office.

Asian Diffuser for the Home:

Let the invigorating and calming fragrance of pure essential oil linger around the home as a way to welcome mom each morning and end her day with a smile. Choose lavender for a relaxing scent and to help mom keep her balance amidst a busy lifestyle, citrus or lemon for an invigorating aroma, eucalyptus for a therapeutic and refreshing minty scent, vanilla to bring back the memories of you and her baking a cake in the kitchen during your childhood, and cool water for a modern beach-inspired scent.

Asian Soap for her Home Spa Collection:

There’s always something mysterious about bath soaps that capture the heart of every woman, especially with Asian bath soaps, which offer the delightful scent of cherry blossom, vanilla, nutmeg, lavender, a bouquet of flowers, rose, and jasmine. Mom would surely love them as a pampering-steal every time a trip to the spa is hard to make, she’ll definitely feel your love, too, every time she steps into the shower.

Jade Necklace for her Asian Jewelry:

Giving daughters a jade necklace or pendant is a common practice among Asian moms and it really sends a sense of pride and love seeing their daughter grow up wearing such a special gift. Perhaps, it’s time to give back to mom the great of a jade necklace. They are available in a wide array of styles and may come as a pendant or a necklace set.

Mini Crush-Proof Travel Case for her Travel Needs:

Every woman on-the-go will definitely need an ultra-stylish, handy, and crush-proof mini travel case with mirror. Choose one that is sized like a coin purse, so it fairly fits a tote, handbag, or purse, and perfect for storing tiny valuables and travel items, like jewelry, USB disk and SD card cases, and many others.

Asian Charm for her Techie Gadgets:

Let mom’s business endeavor and communication with customers and clients flourish as a success with the help of an Asian charm, which can be hung from a mobile phone, handbag, key chain, and many others. A Maneki Neko charm, also known as the Lucky Cat, is one that would make for a cute choice for a businesswoman as it depicts a white or golden cat that waves its right or left arm, as if to usher the flow of wealth or call people who will shower their owner with riches and good luck.

Asian fabric for her Asian Collection:

Wise moms always know that there is something that what meets the eye with quality classics, like the finest silk Asian fabrics. They are highly versatile and can go from becoming classy Chinese dresses, Chinese silk skirts, table runner, silk pillowcase, to heirloom pieces, and more. They are certainly a perfect Asian gift for moms who love all things special and that which make for a luxurious surprise.

Solar Lantern for the Garden:

Mom’s tabletop for the outdoor garden and patio will never be complete and picture-perfect without a solar-powered tabletop or hanging lantern. No need for electricity, candles, nor batteries required, simply the light of the shining sun is all it takes for them to shed a colourful, soft, and warm glow of light at night, and with their flat base and metal hanger, they can even be hung from a sconce as an outdoor wall lantern.

Asian gift-wrapping tip: Wrap your Asian-themed Mother’s Day gift for mom using a Chinese takeout box or a cardboard box that is covered with Japanese paper for a stylish Asian flair.

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