Choosing The Perfect Champagne Gift Set

There is nothing quite like celebrating a special occasion than doing so with a glass of champagne in every guests hand. The pop of the cork, tantalising bubbles and the delicious taste makes Champagne such a luxurious and one of a kind beverage – there really is nothing quite like it!

There are lots of different types of champagne which can make it quite confusing when trying to find the perfect bottle for a party or if you want to create a very special champagne gift set for a lucky person. So here’s our guide to some of the most delicious champagnes, and what food would work well served alongside them.

1. Benedicte Jonchere, Grand Reserve

This would be a brilliant addition to any champagne gift set as it’s flavours are full of apple and apricots bringing a beautifully crisp and refreshing taste to such a sparkling drink. From the heart if the Cotes des Bar area of Champagne the winemakers grow the grapes to make Benedicte Jonchere as well as blend, age and remuage all of their champagnes giving each bottle character. Such a refreshing champagne pairs beautifully with summer strawberries served as an aperitif or save if for dessert and pair with Eton mess to give your guests a wonderful after dinner treat.

2. Royale Reserve Non Dosage, Champagne Philipponnat

Unlike regular champagnes, the Royale Reserve is a non dosage champagne, which means it isn’t topped up with sweet wine after the removal of the sediment. As a result, these wines show a truer expression of ‘pure’ champagne in its natural form, without any added sweetness to soften or disguise the finished flavours. Generally non dosage champagnes are a dry wine, so think about pairing it with a sweeter wine when including this in a champagne gift set. When pairing with food, think fresh seafood such as scallops and oysters. The sharpness and acidity of the champagne will heighten the flavours of the seafood.

3. Grand Cru Mailly Brut Nature, Champagne Francis Boulard

This organic wine is from one of the oldest wineries in the Champagne region dates back five generations of winemaking. They have vineyards in seven villages including the famous Grand Cru ‘Montagne de Reims’ slopes. This is a deep and complex wine that brings mystery to a champagne gift set. A beautiful orange gold in colour, this champagne has an expressive nose of orange blossom and freshly baked brioche aromas. On the palate this champagne gives sundried berries and pear skin flavours with a savoury nutty notes on the finish. Served either in a champagne gift set or on it’s own, this champagne is a perfect partner for chicken in rich, creamy sauces – a definite for a family celebration.

So there you have it, our top three champagnes that would feel right at home in a champagne gift set. Whether you want something sweet or a little more traditional, these three champagnes offer three very different flavours but will be enjoyed by everyone.

Moez Smith is a wine enthusiast who enjoys recommending the best wines for special occasions such as the champagne gift set. Visit The Perfect Cellar website for more information about fine wines.

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