Top Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduating from school, college, or university is one of the great coming-of-age rituals of our time, and deserves to be recognised and remembered as an important milestone in the graduate’s life. Whether it’s something permanent, like a photograph, a piece of jewellery, or a 3D etching, or something more transitory like a personalised cake or a hot air balloon ride, gifting something to mark the occasion shows you’re proud of the recipient’s achievement. This article will cover some of the more traditional graduation gift ideas and also mention some more fun or quirky things you can give to celebrate the accomplishment.

Traditional Graduation Memorabilia

It is fitting to start with some of the more traditional gifts commonly given to graduates. Traditional graduation memorabilia usually includes items that are customised to carry the name of the school, the year of graduation, and perhaps other information such as sports the former student played or their area of study at university. If the person is graduating from university, oftentimes the university store will have a pretty good selection of mugs, scarfs, etc. to choose from; if the person is graduating from high school, there is sometimes a catalogue of items that are part of the official school merchandise. Just contact the school to get a copy of the catalogue or there may be a website to order from. If they don’t offer this, or if you’re not terribly impressed with the selection, you can always have your own custom made. This would also allow to you add your own message of support and congratulations. While naturally a little more expensive, this can make for a more personalised gift.

Elegant 3D Etching

Another way to offer a custom item that eschews the traditional mugs and scarves is to commission a craftsman to create a 3D etching in glass as a beautiful personalised memento. Official school seals look especially elegant in this medium, and you can add the date of graduation or other information below it. You could also choose to have a 3D etching made of a quote from one of the recipient’s favourite writers or artists who have inspired them. These unique and thoughtful pieces make for a thoughtful and timeless graduation gift.

Give an Experience

Many people give physical objects to graduates, which, naturally, is great because they can treasure them and remember the event and the person who gave the gift each time they see it in their home. However, often the most memorable gifts aren’t objects at all, but the opportunity to experience something new. This can be anything from skydiving or a hot air balloon ride to tickets for a musical or concert. A once-in-a-lifetime experience might just be the best kick-start to their new lives as graduates.

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