Gift Basket Tips – What To Put In A Gift Basket

With gift baskets being such a great concept and perfect to give to those that are quite difficult to buy for, more and more are turning to gift baskets as a solution. However you may not want to pay a professional company for a gift basket and prefer to try and put one together by yourself – but is it as easy as it looks?

There is more to putting a gift basket together than filling a basket with great goodies, as any good gift basket designer will tell you. I will be doing a series of articles to take you through step by step the thought process that goes into designing a great looking basket.

I would suggest not putting food products in a basket that holds bath products. I don’t know about you, but personally I would prefer my food products not to smell and/or taste like bubble bath. Make allowances for fragrances perhaps being transferred to food products and also make allowances for leakages, which is always a possibility when being transported, either by yourself of the postal company. I have seen so many baskets put together this way and I always wonder if the food products will end up contaminated by the bath products in some way.

Now that you have thought about not mixing certain products consider size. It is easier to fill a basket with chunkier items. If you use small products you will need so much more of them to fill the basket and there is nothing as sad looking as a bare basket. Fill every available space in a basket and your basket will look more beautiful. Use items like mugs, teddies and large food products and then fill any spaces with smaller products and embellishments.

In the case of a spa basket use large items like bath pillows and big bottles of bath products. Try not to leave gaps in the basket, if the space is too small to add another product consider the use of artificial flowers or foliage to fill those little gaps. This will not only make the basket look fuller but add beauty to it as well.

Consider the shape of your basket. Is it a tray or more suitable for building the basket upwards. Trays are more suitable for products that you would lay flat. These would include anything that is quite flimsy and does not have the strength to stand upright or for the use of jams and relishes. A deep basket can be built upwards making a taller gift basket, by using sturdier items that can stand upright.

Now that you have some idea of how to plan the products in your basket you can start working out a design. Our next article will advise on the placement of items in a basket and stabilising the products so they don’t move around.

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