Five Cool Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas in Australia is an outdoor event as the weather is warm and lots of people spend their time by the pool or at the beach. To give a gift that suits an Australian audience (and the hot climate) we’ve provided five cool gift options that make excellent presents for Christmas lunch or dinner.

1. Barbecue Gifts

Collect an array of gourmet food products and compile these into a gift basket. Definitely source Australian made foods and use products that can be used at a beach barbecue. Try looking for items like Australian Mountain Pepper Berry which goes great on a steak. Or Lemon Myrtle products, which are a great addition to fish. Add a few Australian made beers and you’ve got yourself a winner.

2. Picnic Gifts

Similar to the barbecue gifts pack but suits the Christmas camper or park lover who may not have access to a barbecue. Select delicious gourmet jams and honeys for spreading on some crispy crackers. Shop for an Australian cheese and crostini to add to your tasty summer snack. All of these can be bought Australian made and contain interesting Australian flavour additions like Eucalyptus, Riberry and Lemon Myrtle. A great bottle of local wine will wash down your gourmet food selection.

3. Tea & Coffee Gifts

If you know your gift recipient loves a good cup of tea or coffee put together a range of organic and gourmet products. Teas come in such a huge variety and you can include green teas, chai teas and every day teas like English Breakfast or Earl Grey. It’s much easier to find locally grown coffee on the market today and you can choose from a lot of different flavours to create a special Christmas ambience. Also, consider adding a personalised or handmade set of mugs, tea cups or teapot for a truly unique gift idea.

4. Chocolate Gift Ideas

Chocolate always goes down a treat and creating a selection of cookies, chocolate coated nuts and raisins plus straight-out-decadent chocolate bars is sure to get your gift recipient watering at the mouth. Again, there is such a huge variety of flavours available and Christmas is the one day you can eat anything, right?

5. Wine, Champagne & Beer

‘Tis the season to be jolly and wine and beer will be welcomed by many over the Christmas period, but keep it age appropriate! There are a number of Australian made beers and creating a selection of these – from Pale Ale to Lager – is a great gift idea. Include one bottle from different parts of Australia, or even around the world, to create a little gourmet taste testing pack. Add in a few lager glasses or steins to really create effect. Your wine selection will go great with cheese and crackers or a selection of gourmet food. Champagne is such a celebratory drink so for an extra touch of class add some Rosella Flowers and crystal champagne flutes.

The above gourmet Christmas gifts are a great solution for individuals you want to thank – perhaps for hard work or being a great friend. Or, if you’re a bit budge conscious, buying a gourmet food hamper is a great way to buy one gift for a group of people without looking like you’re strapped for cash.

Whatever your gift needs – Merry Christmas!

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