Tips in Choosing a Corporate Gift That Makes an Impression

Sending corporate gifts to clients is one way to show your appreciation for them. It also is a nice way to market as well as advertise services and products you offer, or put it simply, consider it as a publicity student.

The corporate gift chosen must speak a lot about your company, your company’s values, while remaining a perfect fit to the tastes of the client. Thus, making the right choice is crucial so that the corporate gift leaves a lasting impression.

If you want to know how to choose a corporate gift that makes a good and long lasting impression, make sure to read these tips below.

  • Write down your company’s values and the values you want your clients to see. A company t-shirt makes for a very different impression if compared to giving something more formal, such as a vintage bottle of wine. Make sure that the gift given strengthens the ties between you and your client.
  • While sending any gift may sound like a good gesture and it is, but when it comes to businesses, not just any gift will do. It is important to send a gift that is in line with the client’s values, wants and needs, as this will demonstrate that you made an effort to understand them and their business, as well as their business’ values.
  • It is important to look for a common ground between your company’s values and your client’s values. This common ground is your sweet spot to know what the perfect gift to give to your client is. For example, if your company and the client’s company aims to project a “clean living” image, giving them something sustainable and something that caters to that image is the best way to give them a memorable gift.
  • Make sure that you narrow down your list by only choosing what your client wants. Disregard what your company wants because the gift is all about the recipient, not you. You want to make sure that you make the client happy with the gift. If you are not sure as to what your client will want or need, then focus on times that you know they will find useful or items used commonly or appeal to plenty of people.
  • Consider giving away personalized corporate gifts. This makes the recipients or clients think that you actually took the time to give them something personalized. Additionally, it is one way to market your company as you can sneak in your company’s name in the personalized gift item. Just make sure that the personalized gift item is something that the clients will actually use.
  • Having a clean and hard budget is important. Determine how much your company is willing to spend on corporate gifts and stick with that. Consider your industry too as well when it comes to determining the most realistic budget or price range for the gifts.

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