5 Affordable Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For a Change

Chocolate. Roses. Cards. Balloons. If you’ve been out to dinner on Valentine’s Day, you know what I mean – somewhere along the line, Valentine’s day has become a fog of Cupid’s cliche. Aside from worsting my favorite restaurants with pre-fixed menus and over-booked tables, I’ve decided that there is no real way to “win” at Hallmark’s game – sure, you can get a bustier bouquet, higher-chocolatey chocolates, and huge cleaves of Tiffany’s diamonds.

But bigger doesn’t always mean better, or more love, or even deeper from the heart. So, this Valentine’s Day, we’re going the opposite direction and giving you five cheap Valentine’s day gifts for him or her.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas Your Budget Will Heart!

1. Print Your Pictures: Sure, we all have 1,000 pictures of precious moments and our significant others, all stored on our phones, computers, Instagrams, and Facebook pages. But when’s the last time you got one of those printed? Plus, it’s easier than you think – simply take you phone or thumb drive to your local drugstore or Costco, upload a selected photo, and have it printed to whatever size and medium you’d like (canvas is fun, as is poster-sized prints). Frame it in-store, and voila – a unique gift that won’t break the bank.

Price for this gift: Under $50 at Costco!

2. Love Letters: It’s easier than you think. It’s lipstick on the mirror, a pen to a napkin, or a toe in the sand. Need inspiration? Pull out pages or paragraphs from those who have loved before you: Love Letters of Great Men and Women

Price for this gift: $11

3. Favorite Things: Does your significant other have an “obsession”? Indulge it! Whether it’s ice cream, hot sauce, socks, Wired, or yoga, if you buy him/her a subscription for an “of the month club,” (or maybe just a freezer full of Ben and Jerry’s), any grand expression that’s personal is swoon-worthy. Go for it!

Price for this gift: $70 for an annual subscription

4. Uncommon Goods: Gifts for men, women, kids, and everybody’s pets – you’ll find unique items that you can personalize or mix-and-match for a sentimental and thoughtful feel.

Price for this gift: $7 to $160

5. You Know Me Date: One of the best things about being in love is being seen (and loved). So, show each other – pick a date night (note: NOT February 14th) and take on opposite rolls. If you usually pick the activity and location, let the other person. Pick out each others outfits. Order for each other. Aside from spoon-feeding (and men, you should still pay) – revel in how well you know and love each other. After all, that’s what it’s all about!


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