How to Choose the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Him or Her

Every year it is the same old thing on Valentine’s Day. Guys wait until the last second of the day and race to the store to buy flowers and candy and ladies are never sure type of gift to get. It is no surprise that we get the same “ho-hum” reaction each and every year. Well no more! Here are some great ways to choose the perfect gift for your loved one.

1. Listen to them throughout the year. Pay attention things they mention and make a mental note. For example, a commercial might come on the television where they make a comment like “oh that looks cute” or “how cool is that?”

2. Try friends and relatives for information. This is especially helpful for newer couples our couples that do not live together. The day-to-day clues and hints often get lost in the infatuation that comes with new love.

3. Get something that means something to both of you. Go back to that gift shop near the place you met or something that can remind your partner of you, not because you bought it, but because it has real meaning. Photo gifts are a great way to go to accomplish this.

4. Measure your gift with the seriousness of your relationship. There is nothing more awkward than getting an inappropriate Valentine’s Day gift. Do not buy the person you just met at thousand dollar piece of jewelry, and do not buy your wife of 20 years a single stem rose and think it is going to do the trick.

5. Stick to the basics, sort of. Flowers and candy is not always the worst thing, but it is a clear cop-out and shows a lack of putting any thought forward. Flowers and candy can be a good thing to be delivered during the day to your loved one at work, while the additional special gift for later that evening. This ensures your partner gets to bask in your affection in front of their co-workers, while leaving a bit of a surprise element for a later, more special gift.

6. Presentation is important. How you give a Valentine’s Day gift can be just as important as what you are giving. Be sure to set the mood. Start by going the extra mile opening doors (if you are a guy and don’t already) and plenty of compliments. Be sure to set up a nice quiet dinner ahead of time and wrap the gift.

Giving a Valentine’s Day gift can often be a tricky prospect for anyone and can lead to a great evening or a disappointing one. While it is more about the thought and effort put into the gift, your gift giving success can hinge on the surrounding events and atmosphere. Take some time to think out your gift and by all means, do not wait until the last minute and you should have a great Valentine’s Day!

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