5 Adventure Gift Ideas That Your Girlfriend Will Never Forget

Finding that perfect gift for your girlfriend can be a tough choice these days, especially when you ask them and their answer is always ‘I don’t know’. Well maybe it is time to take charge and find something she has only ever thought about in her wildest dreams.

Most women love the idea of sharing a romantic experience with their loved ones so why not use this single thought to buy your girlfriend a gift she will never forget.

You could of course send her some expensive flowers like the majority of her ex-boyfriends or you could do something special and unique. Here are 5 adventure gift ideas that you could consider.

1. Hot Air Balloon Rides

There is nothing more romantic that viewing the world from above in a hot air balloon while sipping some champagne.

This is a great idea for your girlfriend’s gift because you get to spend those magical moments in the air together.

2. Sailing

Cruising down the river on a sail boat is a popular way to spend time relaxing and taking in the fresh sea air.

These cruises could be a luxurious tour with food and entertainment or for the more adventurous could even be a day learning to sail. Learning to sail is a great way to bond and work as a team as well as learning a fun and practical skill.

3. Horse Riding

If your girlfriend loves animals then a horse ride if the perfect gift to buy. This is a popular way to explore the bushlands, beaches and picturesque scenery in just about any location.

You may even take it up a notch and book a horse riding tour through a vineyard, tasting local wines and stopping at various eateries and shops along the way.

4. Wildlife Viewing

Again if your girlfriend loves wildlife then witnessing some of the world’s most precious creatures up close may be the way to go.

This could be simply visiting the local zoo, wildlife-park or aquarium. Or to top that experiences could include swimming with dolphins; either trained or among a wild pod or perhaps a whale watching cruise as the make their way down various coastlines.

5. Kayaking Tours

Kayaking is an active yet somehow relaxing tour to take in a picturesque waterway. Most humans love being in or near the water so it is a perfect way to spend the day outdoors.

You could take an organised tour which will help your girlfriend with techniques as well as give insights to the local area and sites or you could decide to hire some kayaks for the day, pack a light lunch and take a picnic in your own secluded spot.

These are just some adventure gift ideas that your girlfriend would never forget. Hopefully this will expand your gifting ideas and will avoid you buying the same old present just about every ex-boyfriend has bought her before. Using one of these ideas will make you stand out in her eyes.

Spoil your girlfriend with the perfect adventure gift that she will never forget.

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