Money Saving Gift Ideas for Moms

Birthdays are a yearly affair; and it can be costly when you have many people that you can’t go without giving a birthday present. Especially if you’re a mom, your kids will have to attend birthday parties almost every other month. Do you dread frequent birthday invites because each one calls for another heavy-on-the-pocket gift? Then worry no more, because here are some great handmade gift ideas for moms on a budget!

1. Coasters

Coasters are really cheap and practical. If you have old coasters that you don’t use, personalize them to the person who you want to give them to. Print small meaningful photos and glue them to the coasters. Add a little personal flavor to it, and you’re good to go. Everyone can do with a coaster or two. Especially for working people; they can use it to put their morning coffee mug at workplace and think about you every time they see it.

2. Smartphone cover

If you have someone who is a tech freak, then he or she will love to have this for a gift. You can customize smart phone covers with bling, sequins, fancy cutouts etc. Get creative with ideas, and personalize the cover as much as you like. If you’re a mom who is expert at sewing; then you can sew a smart phone cover – great money saving gift.

3. Collage

This one is a personal favorite! It’s easy to make since almost everyone has smart phones so can use different collage apps to make as many as desired. Make collages, and print them out on a photo paper. This is great for a close one; add photos of you and them together – save money, and save memories for life in a collage.

4. Cushion

A handmade cushion is a great inexpensive gift idea. Sew a cushion in your choice of fabric and color. Paint the cushion cover with fabric paint, or put your handprint in it for a cute personalized feel. The total cost of a personalized cushion is not even half of what you get from stores or gift shops. Cushions can be for friends, family loved ones – and the best part; everybody can do with a cozy cushion while sleeping – young or old!

5. Jewelry

All girls love jewelry; it makes a great gift for girls of all ages. You can make handmade numbered bracelet at home, check out my post on DIY numbered bracelet. You can make all sorts of beaded jewelry at home and save yourself from spending too much on a gift. May be you can make a few numbered bracelets at one time, and give them away later as gifts when it’s time. Saves time and money both!

With these ideas and so many more, you can save a good amount of money every year. Making handmade gifts can help you save up to at least $500-1000 USD yearly. Also, you won’t get jitters when you see a birthday invite from your friends, or your kids’ friends.

What other cost saving gift ideas can you think of? Share away!

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