Super Cute Baby Shower Gift Ideas – You’ll Be the Hit of the Gift Giving

You’ve been invited to a baby shower and the task of finding the best baby shower gift is looming over your head. Because yes, it is important to make sure the gift you give is truly a great gift – and something that the mother-to-be will actually use. If you’re already a parent, buying for an expecting mother can be pretty easy. We know what gifts make the most sense and what is (and what is not) a practical gift. Diaper Genie… need I say more?

Buying a baby shower gift can be as simple as buying a few onsies, bottles, bibs etc… but that’s what everyone is going to fall back on. Give the mommy to be a gift she’ll really love by putting a little thought and creativity into your gift. Check out the ideas below for some cute and unique ideas.

Best Baby Shower Gifts Ever – Unique Ideas That Will Set You Apart

Clothesline Baby Shower Gift

One of my absolute favorite gifts for a baby shower is the clothesline gift. It doubles as a shower decoration, so if you’re hosting the shower the two for one is a great idea. Even if you’re not hosting the shower, you can get with the hostess and go in on it together… the more decorations the merrier I say!

The clothesline gift/decoration is easy to make and you can put as much creativity into it as you want. To make it, buy a bunch of cute baby clothes and hang them on a clothes line. Then, hang the clothes line up either on a wall or from the ceiling (if the shower is held at someones home, a fireplace mantle or along a staircase rail are fabulous places!) You can stick with a theme (summer clothes, color coordinated, ages ascending – all good starter ideas).

Another cute idea is to add pacifiers or hanging toys in between the clothes on the line… just to add a few extra touches. The clothesline to the right can be purchased (there is also a girl version) if you’re short on time (or desire!) or… you can make your own! The ideas here are endless.

Shoe Organizer Baby Shower Gift

This is another unique gift idea. While the title doesn’t do it any justice, nor does it describe what it actually is, this is an incredibly cute way to display your gift. Not only does the expecting mommy get a lot of good and useful things with this gift, if done properly she can hang the gift on her nursery door to keep all necessary supplies together.

To make the organizer baby shower gift, buy a shoe organizer (the more pockets it has for shoes, the more you’ll have to fill!) I personally like the ones that hang on the back of a door, but any kind will do, as long as it hangs. Then buy bottles, desitin, nail clippers, baby lotions, pacifiers… all the little necessary supplies you need to take care of a newborn, and separate them into the pockets.

You can decorate the organizer, buy one that already has a cute design, or you can just leave it as is. It’s a functional gift, and a great gift that will provide a lot of value to the mother-to-be. Not to mention it’s a unique way to give the boring but necessary gifts every new mother needs.

I like the bamboo shoe organizer because it really adds a soft touch, and tends to keep it sturdier. If you’re really creative, you can also decorate the pockets with cute fabric painting (fabric paint is extremely cheap at Wal-Mart) – remember, the idea here is creativity! But really, any shoe organizer will work – and if cost is an issue you don’t have to spend much on one. A plastic one will work just as well. It’s just a matter of preference.

Laundry Basket Baby Shower Gift

This one is also one of my very favorites – it keeps the idea of giving clothes and necessary gifts, and the laundry basket also serves as the gift – every new mother has laundry coming out of her ears. A laundry basket filled with baby gifts is a great way to give functionality, plus it’s a unique way to “wrap” the gifts. Just fill a laundry basket with baby goodies (you can organize the gifts any way you want), and then decorate the edge of the laundry basket with flower trim, or anything that you think will dress it up.

You can get the laundry basket from a dollar store, or any other home goods store. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on it, because ultimately the gift is what’s inside (and really… how much is a laundry basket really worth). Decorative flowers or lace can also be bought for relatively cheap at any craft store.

Diaper Cake Baby Shower Gift

I’m sure you’ve seen it, or heard about it. The diaper cake is a great gift idea because a new mom can never have enough diapers! You can make your own, or you can buy one. There are so many things you can do with the decorating part of this gift – ribbons, bows, stuffed animals… anything that will ad the “icing” effect really helps to make this gift one of the best.

The diaper cake pictured to the left can be purchased, and of course there is also a boy version. It’s sold by Corner Stork (one of my absolute favorite baby gift stores).

In Closing…

Finding the best baby shower gift doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process, and it doesn’t have to be over extravagant either. As you can see with the ideas above, you can turn really simple ideas into a great (and easy!) gift idea that will get used for years and years to come. By adding just a few special touches, it can really take your gift from normal to unique. Not to mention, the ideas above will never go out of style because let’s face it… some things just never do.

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