Top 5 best Easter basket gifts

1. Candy

Candy is a perfect Easter gift. Who doesn’t love to satisfy their sweet tooth now and then? Plus, Easter candy is the best candy. Just take a stroll down the Easter aisles of Walmart and Target, and pick out your favorites. Cadbury eggs, peeps, Starburst jelly beans and egg-shaped Reese’s are some of the more popular choices that will leave your mouth watering and your sweet tooth wanting more.

2. Money

For college students, every penny counts, so opening plastic eggs to find $5, $10 and perhaps $20 bills may be the most pleasant Easter surprise of all. The beauty of it is money can be used for whatever you want. Saving up for that stereo system? The Easter Bunny can contribute to those surround sound speakers. A little extra green or jingling in your pocket can make all the difference.

3. Bare Necessities

Toothbrushes, hair products and hand soap are just a few of the essentials you took for granted when you didn’t have to pay for them yourself. Your favorite scent of shampoo or lotion can be more exciting than it used to be when finding it under a pile of tissue paper. Even school products, such as those fancy pens you like or a Five-Star notebook can be fun to unwrap. These basic needs are great basket fillers that can be used everyday.

4. Books

Summer is just around the corner, which means you’ll have more free time to read for fun. There are so many good books out right now that it would be hard for the bunny to go wrong while picking one for your basket. Put that chemistry textbook away and dive into a Mitch Albom or John Green novel or perhaps even the notorious “Divergent” trilogy by Veronica Roth. Easter books can prepare you to kick up your feet and relax on those hot summer days.

5. Movie certificates

Have you recently seen a trailer for a movie you’ve been dying to watch? From buying groceries to paying rent, college students do not necessarily have the extra cash to spend at the theater. Certificates for the Starplex Cinema or the Wehrenberg may be exactly what you need for a night away from homework. Perhaps you can treat your girlfriend, boyfriend or friends to a date night out on the town. Throw in some boxes of candy and a popular DVD, and this could be the perfect Easter basket to help you relax before finals.

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