5 Custom Made Gift Ideas

While buying a gift for someone is a nice gesture it is not as personal as receiving something made specifically for the receiver. Now not everyone is crafty enough to make something special to give to whoever the lucky recipient may be but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid personalizing their gifts.

There are plenty of custom made gift ideas out there that allow you to make the gift giving experience more personal. There’s everything from custom shirts and apparel to unique gift baskets, collections of photos, books and more. Below are just a few custom made gift ideas that you might see as the perfect choice for the next time that special someone deserves a gift.

1. Photobooks

Photobooks are becoming more and more popular; they are so much more than just a collection of photos; they’re stylized like a story book. There are often small quotations and special notes mixed into custom made photobooks, and they’re usually hard cover with a photo and title placed on the front page. You can also make different sections all dedicated to different people or different times in their life. Photobooks are a colorful, personal, inexpensive way to make someone’s day, and they can be custom ordered from many different sites online.

2. Custom Clothing

Custom embroidered or printed apparel is probably the most common type of personalized gift out there, and is available through a wide variety of vendors, and it’s often very inexpensive. Of course, this depends on what kind of clothing you purchase and where from. You can get a cheap black hoodie with white text at a low price or you can get some detailed, extravagantly designed clothing personalized for the recipient.

3. Art is always personal

Art is a great personal gift because it reflects the recipients taste, or at least has some significance between you and the person you’re giving it to. Whether you are just purchasing a piece of art that you believe they are going to like, or if you’re actually having a piece of art commissioned for the person, it’s an extremely personal gift.

4. Custom Made Jewelry

Jewelry can be customized in many ways. You can come up with a special design of your own and find a jeweler who can create it, you can make your own using cleverly strung beads, you can have jewelry engraved with a message that means something to you and the receiver, you can even find or make lockets that hold a special, tiny photo that’s meaningful.

5. Postcards or Greeting Cards

Personalized postcards are a popular option for people on a budget. Having pictures of your family or a special occasion you’ve shared with the recipient imprinted onto post cards can make it that much more meaningful and personal. Crafting your own greeting cards gives you a lot more to play with and are easily customized and will fit any message you wish to send.

These 5 custom made gifts will make the gift giving experience that much more personal and will show that you put some thought into the gift and make the recipient’s day.

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