Corporate Gift Ideas – Get Recognized by Your Customers

Companies around the world offer their customers different corporate gifts around the world. These items are a way to make a statement and ensure recognition. A customer is more likely to remember your company after they have received a useful item as a gift.

Most companies rely on regular online and offline marketing tactics, which are a great way to increase visibility and customer base. Ensuring your customers only purchase from you, takes time, dedication and making sure they remember your company name when they want to make a purchase.

You need to make an impression on your customer and an arrangement of flowers or a business card isn’t always enough. A corporate gift let you make an impression and ensures the customer immediately thinks of you when placing an order for products or services that you provide.

Corporate gifts don’t need to be boring, in fact choosing items which are affordable, yet add value to the client are more likely to be used and remembered.

Glasses are a great idea to send to clients. They can use them in the office or take them home and each time they pour a drink and use the glasses, they will remember your company name. Visibility is key and your name will be remembered for years to come, jogging their memory each time they use the glasses.

Sending your customer a bottle or two of wine boasting your company name and logo is definite way to get noticed. It offers customers the opportunity to remember your name and when it comes time to place an order, they will hopefully be calling your number or visiting your website.

Paper clip holders can be boring, but when you’re purchasing corporate gifts, look for something different and special. Something you customer wouldn’t mind placing on their desk and thinking of your company every time they reach for a paper clip. These are fantastic gift solutions which are practical and useful.

Desk clocks are another great idea for corporate gifts. Again these are items which sit on the customer’s desk, constantly reminding them of your company and making them call you when they need to purchase your products or services.

Not all corporate gifts need to be useful items for the office. Think about the customer’s lifestyle, maybe sending a good customer that has been loyal to your business a personalized watch as a gift, this is guaranteed to make an impression and thank them for their loyalty over the years.

Chocolates are always welcomed by female customers. As a little “thank you for your first order” or a “please order from us” gift. The great thing is that corporate gifts don’t have to be expensive and grand; they can be something as small as a high quality box of chocolates to make that lasting impression. This is also a gift that the customer can share with the entire office, spreading your name throughout the departments.

Decanters with matching glasses are always great gift ideas for company directors. Many enjoy keeping some alcohol in their office for those important client meetings. Sending your customer a decanter with glasses is just a way to show your appreciation and ensure that they remember your company in the future.

For something unique, you can send your customer some artistic espresso cups which they can use in the office. This is the type of gift that is practical and useful and will be remembered.

The type of gift you choose to send to your customer is based on the type of service you provide and the industries your customers are in. Ensure you choose items that relate to the customer personally, if you get to know them well, or that is useful and practical in the office environment. This way you are assured to make a statement.

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