Gift Ideas for Rakhi

Raksha bandhan is an important and extremely popular Hindu tradition that is celebrated the world over by Hindus, Sikhs and even Jains with great fervor. The festival involves giving away of gifts to sisters by brothers in exchange of “Rakhi”, which is basically a thread that is tied on the brother’s wrist by the sister as a token of her love and affection.

This sending of gifts is considered as an important part of this festival. Hindus living abroad, having families in India do not get the chance to celebrate this festival in the same way. However, they can buy Rakhi gifts online and have them delivered to their relatives in India. The following are some of the Rakhi gifts that can be bought online.


Flowers are among the most common and popular of all Rakhi gifts. They convey the message of love much more effectively than any other gift item. This is the reason fresh flowers are seen as the ideal Rakhi gift. Flowers can nowadays be sent online with ease. There are many flower shops as well as gifting companies who are ready to deliver the flowers you like to give your sister or loved ones back in India. You just have to choose the flower you want delivered and tell the company of the address and it is going to take care of the rest.


Chocolates are a good Rakhi gift as well for sisters. These sweet treats also have a way of expressing a brother’s feelings of love and affection for her sister. In addition to this, it is a common belief that girls like chocolate. Thus, sending a little sister a box of chocolate on Raksha bandhan can really make her day. Chocolates can be sent with consummate ease online as well. There are several ways for you to accomplish this task, but the best one is to contact a gifting company who can ensure timely delivery of your gift package to your sister’s doorstep.


Clothing items can also prove to be perfect Rakhi gifts. Giving away a nice sari on Raksha bandhan can help you in telling your sister just how much you love and appreciate her. Moreover, it can also make your sister realize that her brother cares for her as well and will remain by her side through every difficult moment. Clothing items can be bought online and sent to loved ones at home as well without encountering much trouble these days. You only have to make sure that you pick the right clothing item and choose the right service for their delivery to your loved one’s home back in India.


Cards are an inexpensive yet powerfully expressive Rakhi gift that you can send online to your sister back home in India. Cards have a way of expressing emotions that even expensive gift items can’t. Thus, if you are short on cash and still want to tell your sister how much you love her then send her a card online.

All of these Rakhi gifts can be bought without encountering much trouble. All you need to do is to have a look online and you are surely going to find a gifting company that offers delivery of such Rakhi gifts to India.

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