Importance of Parenting and Gift Ideas for Parents’ Day

Each year the fourth Sunday of July honours parents for their hard work they put into nurturing the family without any complaints. President Bill Clinton founded Parents’ Day in 1994 when he signed a Congressional Resolution into law. This day acknowledges, uplifts, and supports the importance of parents in the bringing up of children.

There are separate days commemorated to each parent and each of these special occasions is an ideal gift giving opportunity. However, a day, which appreciates both the parents together, calls for presents, which mum and dad can share together. Here are some suggestions:

Gift Certificates: Parents struggle too hard to provide an ease of life for the kids. A gift voucher would allow them to buy things, which would give them all the comfort they need.

Recipe Books: If both the parents share their love for cooking and like to experiment with food and ingredients, gift them a big, fat recipe book that includes popular cuisines from all around the world.

Digital Picture Frames: Pre-upload pictures in a digital photo frame, of the best moments you spent with your parents and let them relive moments repeatedly.

Personalized Gifts: Nothing expresses true gratitude and affection like personalized gifts. Starting from mugs to almost anything, choose wisely to personalize a lovely gift and make Parents’ Day memorable.

In these modern times, the number of those taking the traditional route of starting a family, is diminishing by the day. One comes across all sorts of parents these days, which, thankfully, is proving to be blessing to some children. However, being a parent is vastly different from what kind of a parent you are. According to the experts of developmental psychology, there are four types of parenting styles. Understandably, whatever style of parenting you practice, doing it responsibly can be difficult.

A relatively new and thriving concept of parenting is to raise a child single-handedly. Though it is slightly adventurous to bring up kids independently, single parenting is not always a bed of roses. There can be monetary issues, security issues, and psychological issues. However, most importantly, the child never develops a close bond or feelings or even respect for the other parent. Many single parents (whether biological or adoptive) believe that they are enough to rear their kids to a responsible adulthood. They may or may not succeed depending on their parenting style. Nevertheless, one cannot deny that the other parent plays an equally important role in the healthy upbringing of the kid. If the mother is strict with her kids, the father’s easygoing nature feels like a relief to the kids. In fact, the kids grow up watching this balancing act between both the parents that which helps them respect all other relationships.

A Brief Understanding of the Four Styles of Parenting

Authoritarian Parenting: These parents like to run a tight ship; rules and regulations are the foundation of these household. If the kids fail to obey these rules they are punished (in some cases, the punishment is severe). Usually, such parents are unable to give any logical explanation for the rules and are unresponsive to their children.

Authoritative Parenting: Though similar to authoritarian parents regarding following the rules, authoritative parents differ in their approach of raising kids. Sure, they expect the kids to be socially responsible and self-regulated; they also teach cooperation and assertiveness to their kids. They are responsive and nurturing to their children rather than punishing.

Permissive Parenting: These parents are more like friends to their children instead of acting like parents. They may or may not expect self-regulated or mature behaviour and seldom restrain the kids. They are responsive parents who believe in ‘communicating’ with their kids.

Uninvolved Parenting: Such parents feel detached from their children; hence, they do not have much expectation or demands from their kids, are passive to their child’s needs and queries and hardly communicate with them.

Undeniably, the universe believes that it is easy to become parents, but not a mother or a father. On the contrary, the rationale behind celebrating Parents’ Day is that, anybody can become a mum or a dad, but it takes courage and a strong willingness to become parents.

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