Three Creative Graduation Gift Ideas Using Cash

Graduation gift ideas for people even today still mean giving cash. But with the ever-growing popularity of gift cards, prepaid debit cards or store-specific gift cards, there isn’t much creativity or time that goes into those gifts.

If you want your cash gift to stand out from the crowd, why not get a little more creative with some graduation gift ideas that use real cash!

These ideas will take some time and effort, but the expression on the grad’s face will be well worth it!

If you’re hosting the graduation party, you can make up smaller versions of some of these cash creations and set them around the room.

Or you can make larger versions and use them as the main centerpiece in the room. For example, the money cake below is perfect for the main centerpiece.

For the dozen roses below, you can make up a few of these using smaller denominations and place them around the room.

Now matter how you do these, what size, or how many, your graduate and your guests will be impressed at the creativity that went into making them!

1. Money Cake Graduation Gift Ideas

I found this Money Cake on Pinterest – what a great idea!

On the order of a diaper cake, washcloth cake or hand towel cake, this is a money cake for your graduate.

By the way, you can use money cakes for just about anything, not just graduation gift ideas. And they’re not gender specific either; everybody loves getting cash!

2. Cash Bouquet in a Flower Pot

How about designing cash in a flower pot? Flower pots are pretty trendy today for just about anything. So fill up a plant with some cash and give it to your special graduate!

3. A Dozen Roses Made with Cash

And finally, how about making a dozen money roses? You can put these origami money roses into a long box, wrap them up like a bouquet, or put them in a flower pot with some real flowers.

You can make a few of these and place them into small bud vases and place them around the room.

However you do it, the creativity will be appreciated as much as the cash gift!

As you can see, you don’t have to just stick money inside of a greeting card or give a prepaid gift debit card.

These are some creative graduation gift ideas using cash – real dollar bills in any denomination or a combination of dollar bills – that your graduates will really appreciate!

Need help creating these ideas? Here’s a tip – There are videos tutorials for every one of these cool ideas on YouTube!

Karen S Musselman works from home and blogs about a variety of wedding and party planning topics including graduation party ideas for the host. Visit Karen’s blog at Creative Personalized Keepsakes for more tips and ideas for weddings, graduations, showers and more.

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