Adding Mystery To Gift Basket Designs

We are very often told to add items to a basket according to height, with the tallest items at the back and shorter items to the front. The reason for this is so that the recipient of the gift gets a glimpse of everything the basket holds prior to opening.

Although for the most part this is true, you could add an element of mystery to your gift basket by wrapping one of the taller items in frosted print cellophane. Not only does this add a bit of decoration to your basket design, but also adds an element of mystery.

Imagine giving a basket and the recipient cannot see everything inside. What is that tall item that is so beautifully wrapped within the basket? The recipient will be eager to open their gift to get to that mystery item.

This can be anything from a bottle of bubbly (if you are licensed to sell alcohol) or a bottle of non alcoholic wine if you are not, to a huge bottle of bubble bath, or a gourmet food item.

We should experiment more with gift basket designs, and be able to put little twists like this to any basket design. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, then this is something you should definitely try in the future.

An alternative to using a gift within the basket this way, is to be able to offer such a gift as a budget gift, to anybody who cannot afford a lavish hamper. A bottle of wine or bubble bath, wrapped using frosted print cellophane and finished with a bow, would make a wonderful budget gift.

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