Stuck For Gift Ideas? What About Spa Gift Vouchers

As the turn of the clocks sends us into winter, the shops are already stocking and promoting Christmas and the number of those expanding on the commencement – or even completion – of their Christmas shopping is growing. Whether you’re a fan of the festive season or not this can prove frustrating, especially for those who have the family member that’s a nightmare to shop for and, let’s face it, we all have at least one.

While there’s a wealth of gifts seeming designed for such a relative or friend – does anyone buy the Guinness Book of Records for any other reason? – the old faithful fallback of a gift voucher can seem a bit impersonal and is, really, only a slight touch of ‘couldn’t be bothered’ above stuffing some cash in an envelope. However, there is one gift voucher which doesn’t fit into the “I had no idea what to get you” category and, while a really simple and straightforward purchase, manages to suggest a lot of consideration went into the gift: a spa gift voucher.

It’s strange but it’s not something that’s thought of until someone else receives one and is usually followed by the thought “I wish I’d thought of that instead of a subscription to Boring Monthly”. Who doesn’t want to be pampered and treated to a bit of luxury and indulgence? Giving someone a spa gift voucher suggests that they deserve looking after and spoiling.

Gone are the days when spa treatments were something indulgent ladies of a certain wealth enjoyed too. These days spa treatments can range in cost from the tens of pounds upwards and the gift vouchers vary in price accordingly. That means that you don’t have to break the bank to treat someone to a bit of relaxation and a facial or massage.

Gone too are days when spas were only for the fairer sex. The majority of modern spas have treatments aimed at both men and women. From mens facials and massages to mens grooming – there’s plenty of treatments available for men to spend a voucher on. This is ideal if you’re looking to buy for a couple as it means they’ll be able to enjoy their gift together.

The majority of these vouchers have pretty long validity periods so won’t have to be used within a couple of weeks and can be used post New Year in the February lull, to beat the late-Winter blues.

There’s also a sense of surprise to be had in giving a spa voucher. The vouchers aren’t large or cumbersome and so opening an envelope will usually be associated with a card or – as mentioned earlier – somewhat uninspiring gift vouchers or even cash. The element of thoughtfulness and consideration coupled with the promise of pampering will be one that’s sure to make the recipient offer a pretty decent grin after their surprise.

So those people already bereft of ideas for that certain someone and worried they’ll end up grabbing an obvious last-minute gift would do well to consider buying spa gift vouchers – a unique gift that’s practically guaranteed to go down well and bring a bit of festive cheer to all.

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