The Top Christmas Gifts For 2014 For Men – Top 10 Picks!

With Christmas only a few weeks away, finding the right gift for any man in your life can be a challenge. Thankfully, the following top Christmas gifts for 2014 for men can help you find the perfect gift for any man in your life whether he is a husband, boyfriend, father, friend, brother, nephew, etc.

1. Apple TV

This is one of the bestselling gadgets which is why it is one of the top Christmas gifts for 2014 for men. This works on most HDTVs and is compatible with PC and Mac. It will enable him to have access to a wide range of instant entertainment once he simply connects to the internet. He will be able to stream movies, listen to music and access a wide range of other content.

Over 15,000 movies and 90,000 TV show episodes are available for streaming in the iTunes Store. He will also have access to the entire Netflix streaming catalog, be able to watch live sports, browse and enjoy videos, radio, podcasts, as well as photos from the Internet directly onto a computer or TV screen with this device.

2. 12-in-1 Survivor Tool

Another great gift is this survivor tool that works great when needed at home or in the wild. Most men like to be prepared for anything and this 12-in-1 survivor tool can provide some comfort to him in case anything goes wrong.

This tool is able to generate emergency power when needed – just enough to power-up a cell phone or MP3 player. One the handle is cranked, you will be able to charge up the battery for a full 45 hours of flashlight usage.

Other beneficial features include a panic alarm, LED flashlight, thermometer, digital FM radio, motion activated security alarm, compass, red emergency flasher, AC charging adapter, self charging hand crank, signal mirror, as well as a lanyard.

3. Personalized Royce Leather Toiletry Kit

This is the perfect gift for the man of style. It is made with nappa leather and also includes fine details such as superior stitching as well neatly turned corners. It is very functional as it contains enough room for toiletries as well as many other personal care accessories. This can also be personalized to include up to three initials.

4. Virtual Keyboard

This is perfect for the geek in your life. This is such as cool gift that will allow him to type with virtually any device including various smartphones, laptops, etc, as it is Bluetooth enabled. The laser projection keyboard will allow him to type on any flat surfaces.

5. Foosball Coffee Table

This is another cool gift that is one of the top Christmas gifts 2014 for men. In addition to being a great piece of furniture, it will also be a conversational piece. This coffee table features solid hardwoods as well as a real, working foosball game underneath the glass which he can play any time he desires. It also comes complete with telescoping rods, hand painted foosball players as well as adjustable leg levelers.

6. The Beer Machine

This is the perfect gift for the man in your life who enjoys an occasional cold brew every now and them. This beer machine will allow him to make delicious home brews in the comfort of the home that can last for a few months. This machine brews about 2.6 gallons (or 28 12-oz. servings) of hand-crafted beer in about 7 to 10 days. Other features of this machine help to maintain the great quality of the beer for long periods of time.

7. Emporio Armani Classic Chronograph Perforated Leather Band Men’s Watch

Most men love their watches which is why watches always make great gifts and this watch from Emporio Armani is perfect for the man who likes a touch of luxury in his life.

8. Putter Drink Dispenser

This is another great conversational piece that is also functional. It looks just like a putter and is the right gift for the man who loves to be out on the links. It serves both cold and hot beverages and is easy to clean.

9. Luxury Car Wireless Mouse

This is a cool looking mouse that also makes a great conversational piece. This mouse comes in various luxury car makes and models such as Range Rover, Audi, Aston Martin, Mini Cooper, Maserati, BMW and Mercedes.

10. Home Defense Night Stand with Hidden Firearm Safe

Another of the top 10 Christmas gifts for 2014 for men is this night stand that features a hidden firearm safe that can be placed on either side of the bed that increases accessibility in moments of danger. It looks just like any night stand and no one would suspect that it conceals a safe that can easily fit a large frame pistol, stun gun or mace. This is a must have for any security conscious man in your life.

The above 10 top Christmas gifts for 2014 for men are a great starting point when you start shopping for Christmas presents for the men on your Christmas list. For more gift ideas for men, visit

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