8 Clutter-Free Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas will be here before you know it. And the holidays bring lots of stuff into already clutter-filled homes, which can increase stress and anxiety at this busy time.

Here are eight clutter-free gift ideas for the upcoming holiday season:

1. Practical gifts

Give gifts that you know the recipient can really use. For instance, my daughters both just had babies a few months ago. Rather than giving them cutesy things that will end up as clutter, both of the babies will be receiving diapers and formula from “Santa” (me).

2. Toys with fewer pieces

I’ve been told by several moms that they wish people would stop giving their children toys with so many pieces, like Legos. This type of toy makes it harder to keep things picked up and organized. And it adds to the stress level in the home – which is not a gift at all.

3. Gift cards

Gift cards make great gifts but also frequently go unused. I can’t tell you how many unused and expired gift cards we find in homes as we’re helping people get organized. Gift cards that are valid at several places are more likely to get used.

4. Charity donation in someone’s name

This is the perfect gift for the person that truly has everything, or who has a strong connection to a certain charity.

5. Pampering or luxury gifts

We tend to treat others better than we treat ourselves. Gift certificates for golfing, massages or pedicures will let the recipients spoil themselves!

6. Consumable goods

Items such as candy, baked goods, food baskets or fresh flowers are good choices.

7. Tickets to a live event

You are giving a memorable experience to someone when you give tickets to a concert, sporting event or play.

8. Much-needed services

You could pay for a week of child care expenses, or for a cleaning or organizing service.


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