Feng Shui Art Makes a Great Holiday Gift

Holiday season has arrived and the malls will soon be filled with shoppers. There are more gift ideas than ever before, but it can be difficult to find something for the person who seems to have everything and fighting shopping center crowds can also be frustrating. One solution to both of these challenges is to purchase Feng Shui art without leaving your home.

What is Feng Shui Art?

There are many types of artwork and some are more common than others are. In recent decades, Feng Shui has become a familiar term when referring to building design and furniture. This Chinese science and art originated more than 3,000 years ago. It involves balancing energies within a space to promote good health and positive fortune for its inhabitants.

Most people do not automatically associate Feng Shui with elegant wall decor. However, a variety of photographs and paintings are designed to inspire and generate positive energy. Subjects include nature scenes featuring rolling hills, flowing rivers, and snow-capped mountaintops. Animals in a variety of natural habitats are also common themes and the results are breathtaking.

Effects of Feng Shui Paintings

Wall art paintings and photographs feature colors that shift energy within a space. Every color is considered one of five elements: wood, water, metal, earth, or fire. For example, light yellow, tan hues, and earth tones are associated with the element earth, which nourishes, calms, and creates stability. Select colors that promote the energy needed within a space to transform the environment.

Thematic choices also affect the energy within a space. Water is a popular example because it symbolizes prosperity. A photograph or painting depicting a waterfall provides the same energy without the need to maintain a physical fountain. Placing the artwork on a northern wall promotes prosperity in career and life, while mounting it on an eastern wall contributes to prosperous health and family life. Though this art is beautiful, it is not recommended for every room. In particular, water-themed wall art should not be displayed in a bedroom because it brings worry into the space.

By visiting a website specializing in elegant wall decor inspired by Feng Shui principles, holiday shoppers can view images of the entire inventory of artwork without dealing with mall crowds. A variety of dimensions and free shipping are available to make it easy to find the perfect item for each person on the gift list. Each piece of custom artwork is professionally framed, making it the most attractive addition to a room.

ExplosionLuck.com offers a wide variety of Feng Shui art art for all tastes and aesthetics. This is the perfect holiday gift that will create positive energy in any room it is placed. For more information about this artwork and to see our gallery, please click here.

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