Luxury Christmas Gift Ideas For Travelers

Christmas shopping can be very daunting. What do you get someone that have everything? Where do you even begin? To get you started, we have compiled a very unique list of luxury Christmas gift ideas for frequent and aspirational travellers. Hope relieves some of the pressure…

Luggage Tracker

TrackDot, is a GPS luggage tracker that allows you to track the exact location of your luggage through a smartphone app or online. It even sends you a notification when your bag is 30 feet away, which makes the daunting baggage claim process much simpler. The approximate retail price is USD $119, which includes the Tracker Device, first year’s subscription, Luggage Tag and a simple start guide. The annual subscription fee after the first year only USD $23.50, so it is relatively affordable to maintain. TrackDot is the ideal gift for frequent travelers with checked in luggage.

Travel Wallet/Case

This must have item helps you stay organized by keeping all your essential travel documents in one place. Pick out a stunning [insert favorite brand here] travel wallet to dazzle the ones who almost have everything. This gift isn’t just for women, brands like Gucci and Hugo Boss design travel wallets specifically for men.

Water Purifier

SteriPEN Traveler, is a pocket sized, easy to use water sterilizer. If you know someone who travels to destinations with questionable drinking water, this gift will literally be a life saver. Retailing at only USD $50, this is an affordable way to show how much you care.

Waterproof Phone Case

Smart phones have become an intricate part of modern day life, keeping it safe during your travels is of the utmost importance. There are several solutions from a simple waterproof bag, retailing at around USD $15 to more comprehensive cases with product guarantees retailing at USD $100. Select the one most appropriate and be sure to clarify the level of protection it will provide to avoid any future resentment.

Personalized Luggage Tags

Including your contact details on your travel luggage is a must do. The ready to go airport bag tags can easily get damaged and become illegible, not to mention that they are not too pretty to look at. A set of personalized luggage tags is an elegant way to say that you are thinking of them. Accenting it with a special saying or quote will make for a heartfelt and unique gift.

Luxury is in the finer details, not in the price tag. Select a gift that truly means something with one of these thoughtful gifts.

Do you agree with this list? Comment with your ideal travel gifts.

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