Books Are a Thoughtful, Welcome, and Easy Holiday Gift

This year everyone on my gift list is getting a book. I am my husband’s caregiver and don’t have much time to shop, so books are the ideal solution. Though I may wander about in a book store, most of my shopping will be done online. When I have a spare moment, I order a book for a loved one or friend.

Why are books an easy, welcome gift? There are several reasons.

1. You may customize your gift. Does your sister, brother, or friend like to garden? If so, a book about gardening is an ideal gift. When you search the gardening section of the book store, or online, look for volumes on related topics, such as miniature terrariums, container gardens, or unusual house plants.

2. Books are treasure troves of information. The public library in my home town of Rochester, MN has used the sentence,”Books change lives,” in its marketing. The sentence is true. The book you choose for a relative of friend may expand their interests, lead to new ones, or support an existing hobby.

3. Your gift should fit. After the holidays clothes may be returned, and though a book may be returned, chances are the recipient will keep it. Check newspapers and magazines for holiday book ideas.

4. You have buying options. Choose remainder books, books on sale, and garage sale volumes. If the price of the book you prefer doesn’t suit your budget, look for a less expensive one. The local Salvation Army store may have a book section.

5. You link the receiver with history. Historic books seem to be gaining in popularity. The Friends of the Library book store in my home town sells old church cookbooks with record speed. “We can’t keep them in stock,” a volunteer explained. Other historic topics include the Civil War, World War II, invention of machines, antique cars, and more.

6. Extra touches are easy. I like to include a bookmark with the gifts I buy. You may buy a set of bookends to go with your gift. If you have chosen a book about a hobby, add something that goes with the hobby, such as measuring spoons to go with a cookbook, or a paint brush to go with a book about watercolor painting.

7. Gift wrapping is a cinch. Unless you’re giving someone a set of books, all you need is a little paper, some sticky tape, and a bow. Instead of wrapping your book, you may put it in a book bag. Your local book store will have bags for sale. Bags are also available online or you may make one.

Start your gift list now. Write down the names and list a potential topic by each name. I taught school for a dozen years and think a child can have too many toys, but never too many books. Reading expands the vocabulary and the mind. Or as May Hill Arbuthnot once said, “Books are no substitute for living, but they can add immeasurably to its richness.”

Make this holiday season a book-giving season!

Harriet Hodgson has been a freelancer for 36+ years and is the author of 33 books. Her latest releases include “Happy Again! Your New and Meaningful Life After Loss,” “Seed Time: Growing from Life’s Disappointments, Losses, and Sorrows,” and “Help! I’m Raising My Grandkids.” Visit her website and learn more about this busy author and grandmother.

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