Alternative Chocolate Easter Gifts

It’s time to get hopping – Easter’s only a few months away! Bunny fever has already hit the supermarkets, high street shops not forgetting online retailers who are all imploring you to buy sugary Easter gifts for kids and grownups.

Known as a holy celebration since the second century, Easter these days is the perfect excuse to indulge in chocolate eggs and all things sugary and sweet.

Sick and tired of speckled eggs and tasteless chocolate bunnies? Seeking something a bit out of the ordinary this holiday season? If you’re hell-bent on dieting this Easter after the gluttony of Christmas, or just fancy opting out of the chocolate-giving ritual, personalised Easter gifts are fabulous alternatives.

Easter gifts for children

Treat your wee one to their first boiled egg, served in a personalised egg cup. These Easter gifts for children can be personalised with your little one’s name as well as a year of your choice, which you’ll see expertly handwritten on the fine bone china egg cup.

You can also get your mitts on personalised Easter presents in the form of cute, cuddly toys. For example, you can get super-soft bunnies and teddies donning knitted jumpers embroidered with your child’s name on the front. Aaawh!

Other uber adorable Easter ideas for kids include hand painted photo frames made from fine bone china, perfect for framing their chocolate-covered faces. Or how about a Winnie the Pooh-themed cutlery set beautifully engraved with each character along with your ickle one’s name? They’re ideal Easter gift ideas for teaching your little’un how to use cutlery!

Easter gifts for adults

Now, moving on to grownups… There are plenty of un-chocolatey yet Easter-y pressies on the market. Why not present a loved one with a gorgeous calendar featuring their name in 12 images for every month? See their name written in snow, drawn on to Easter eggs, featured on picnic baskets and more.

If the grownup in your life is partial to a drop of wine, whiskey or Champagne, other non-chocolatey Easter ideas include personalised wine and spirits gift packs. You can get sumptuous gift boxes containing their favourite beverage accompanied by things like engraved glasses, delicious chocolates, original newspapers and more.

Since Easter is a celebration of spring and lovely weather, why not have a tree planted for them by the Tree Appeal to encourage them to ‘be green’? Or give them a card with a twist… one with a real tree inside! More exactly, your card contains a Norway spruce, which can grow to up to a rather monstrous 36 metres tall.

Sure, Easter chocolates, eggs, bunnies, hot cross buns and sweets make great gift ideas for Easter, but why not show your love and appreciation for others this festive season with a gift that lasts a little longer than confectionery?

GoneDigging has put together a chic and unique assortment of personalised Easter gifts perfect for all ages to make Easter 2012 extra special. Our wonderful selection of Easter gift ideas include personalised chocolate bars, fresh flowers, personalised wine & spirits gift packs and more. With our fun, cute and innovative gift ideas for Easter, you won’t be disappointed.

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