How to Get Great Gifts Under $20

So many people end up in credit card debt during the holiday season. You definitely don’t want that to happen to you! There is no reason to if you take the time to find gifts under $20. You’ll be amazed at how far you can stretch your dollars if you are creative enough and think about the needs of the people you are buying the gifts for.

One of the most creative and unique ways to find gifts under twenty dollars is to put together little gift baskets. People love receiving a variety of items, and the less definitely looks like more when it is presented in this way. Remember, you’re not trying to be a cheapskate, but you want to save money while still offering high quality gifts.

If you know someone who is always sending out notes to friends and family members, you can buy them some new note cards. Get a small basket, put a couple of note card packs in the basket. Include a nice looking pen, add a pretty bow, and you’re ready! They will appreciate the time you took to present a nice looking stationary basket.

Another great gift idea is ideal for the chocolate lover in your life. Find them some chocolates that are unique, and they might not have tried before. Taking the time to gather a chocolate assortment will give them a chance to try new things, while you will have given one of the best gifts under $20.

If you’re giving the gift to a family, one of the very best budget gifts is a board game! Families love to play board games while they are bonding together. Some even have family game nights once or twice a week. Find them a new board game or one they haven’t tried before and they will really appreciate it.

An affordable gift for the chef in your life could be as simple as taking a visit to the dollar store and scanning the shelves. You might find unique kitchen utensils or spices that they do not have in their collection. Arrange the items nicely in a basket, and present it to them. You will probably wow them with your creativity, and they’ll have something that’s fun and functional as well.

Of course, coming up with gifts under $20 for a couple is a little more challenging. However, there are many different gift ideas that you could use for them. One idea is to buy a pair of movie tickets, and a certificate for popcorn. Depending on where you live, this may be a bit less or a bit more than 20 dollars, so determine the pricing before you make your purchase.

Another inexpensive gift is a gift certificate to a restaurant. Everyone needs to get out an about every once in a while, and this gives them an excuse to do that! Take the time to find out what kinds of food they prefer, and they’re sure to love your gift.

Finding gifts under $20 is not as hard as it seems. Think about whom you’re giving the gift to and what they like, and there will be many ideas you can use. The thought behind the gift will mean as much as the gift itself, if not more!

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