In Pursuit Of The Ideal Gift

Age, sex, race/culture (e.g. ensure you are aware of any cultural insensitivities prior to your search for the ideal gift), and your relationship to the recipient are all important factors to be considered. The hobbies/leisure interests, needs and wants often serve as a good starting point.

As there remains considerable variety in the type or theme of gifts it is important to ascertain such early in the search e.g. adrenalin activity gifts such as sky diving, V8 Super Car Racing, relaxation / pamper gifts, spa gifts or traditional keepsake gifts.

Also the number of people you are buying for will factor quite highly in your considerations check-list e.g. numerous Xmas presents for the masses may be replaced with unique gift involving group activity e.g. Off road go-karting (V8 buggies).

The Occasion :

Etiquette may feature in certain occasions e.g. Wedding Anniversaries, Wedding gift registries, Valentines Day gifts (e.g. colour of roses has different connotations):

red for romance, yellow for friendship and joy, purple indicating that you fell in love at first sight, and orange for desire. Nowadays the Valentines Gifts have been extended to include diamonds in various forms to symbolize that your love will last forever.

Birthday Gifts may take the form of traditional, personal gifts of birthstones or birth flowers e.g. March birthstone is aquamarine or bloodstone, signifying wisdom, and the birth flower Jonquil. An alternative to the stress of organising a birthday party may be in the form of an activity gift e.g. young teenager’s gift of group laser skirmish.

Mothers Day:

Considerable traditional variation exists both on the day of celebration and on the gift. In Britain it is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of Lent; the traditional gift is a fruit cake. Spain celebrates Mothers Day on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, and France on 25th May, the traditional French gift being a cake in the shape of flowers being presented at the family dinner.

International Mothers Day is celebrated on 11th May (Australia, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, and USA). The traditional gift in the USA is a bouquet of white carnations (representing deceased mothers) and pink carnations (representing living mothers). The Australian traditional gift is the chrysanthemum.

Corporate gifts:

Are becoming more popular especially as motivators, appreciators and to promote good will not only amongst the employees, but also as customer / client builders. Gifts are often given to clients as deal closers. Indeed, there are many team building activity gifts that are taking the corporate world by storm. Activity gifts, be it a relaxation pamper gift, or a high adrenalin thrill seeking gift make for a refreshing change from the traditional company logo embossed ‘memorabilia’ and also portray an element of uniqueness and thought behind the gift giving gesture.

The Gift :

Be it an unusual, unique gift or gadget, an activity gift (adrenalin thrill seeking or relaxation / pamper gift), we must consider the aim / intention behind the act of gift giving e.g. educational, a “thank you for your hard work”, or just merely to fulfill the recipients dream gift wish. The time of year and location may also be applicable especially in activity gifts and choosing floral bouquets which may well be subject to availability.

AS with all gifts, presentation is important for the ‘wow’ factor, as is the recipient’s perceived value of the ideal gift.

Purchasers Factors:

Value: Careful selection of one unique, quality present is far better strategy than bulk, lesser value gifts. “One gift creates appreciation, many gifts create expectation.” (Author: Tony Bright).

Budget: This must be set quite high on the priority list, unless a syndicate is an option if you have found the ideal gift but funds are limited.

Ease of ordering and any return polices must be considered.

Internet nowadays has taken a major hold in searching for both gift ideas, ease of ordering, and payment. No need to take a frustrating, time consuming trip to your local shopping centre and fight with traffic and parking spots. Further there are no pushy sales folk to contend with when online shopping.

Online shopping frees your time to browse any time of day or night…the true 24/7 shop!

In stock / availability of the ideal gift… an important factor with many popular / en vogue gifts.

Delivery can be organized to be either direct to your door or the recipients, many online gift companies provide gift wrapping services. Shipping / delivery costs and time

Quality and Value for money.

The quest for hunting down the ideal gift can prove both time consuming and frustrating. Many people wander aimlessly around shopping centers in search of inspiration. The internet is often the best option for refining such searches, and can also serve as a base for price comparison. Also remember ingenuity and the pleasure in giving and receiving far outweighs the matching dollar for dollar in gift exchange exercises.

The above is intended to serve as a quick reference to focus your search for the ideal gift for all occasions.


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