Looking for the Perfect Gift for Dad? Think Backwards

All Father’s Day Gifts Are Not Created Equal

For most of us, shopping for the perfect Father’s Day Gift can be a difficult, if not impossible task. Father’s Day initiates the annual conundrum of what to buy the man who already has everything he needs.

As a gift professional, I can assure you the last thing Dad wants or needs is another tie to hang in the closet; and while the matching “World’s Greatest Dad” t-shirt and coffee mug was a thoughtful gift, it doesn’t stick out in his mind for the right reasons.

Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift requires a little bit of effort and maybe a little bit of homework, but the smile on Dad’s face when he opens the perfect gift is truly priceless.

Looking for the Perfect Gift for Dad? Think Backwards.

The perfect gift requires “reverse engineering.” In the gift business this means starting with the
recipients’ tastes, preferences and hobbies and working backwards towards the perfect gift. Instead
of finding the perfect gift and then trying to match it to the recipient, we start with the recipient
and work in reverse. Understanding this simple principal will instantaneously make you a better gift
buyer for any occasion.

When a regular client calls in frantically and says, “I need a gift for my Dad,” my first question is always, “What can you tell me about him?” What kind of food does your father like? Is he big on Barbequing? Does he love chocolate? Does he drink coffee? Does he love Italian food? Does he play golf or fish? Is he a ‘Snack-a-holic?’ All these defining characteristics of Dad are paramount when selecting the perfect gift. The more questions you can answer the better off you’ll be in making your selection. When you get a gift that matches his preferences, your chances of him burying your gift in the closet are significantly reduced.

A Good Father’s Day Gift versus the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

The difference between a “good gift” and the “perfect gift” is determined by how accurately you can
pinpoint Dad’s tastes, preferences and hobbies and then work backwards towards a gift that best fits
him. There really is no such thing as a bad gift. I believe all gifts are good at heart; but there is a severe epidemic of giving Dad the wrong gift. And giving the wrong gift is exactly how a gift goes bad!

A good gift is something that Dad sincerely appreciates. The perfect gift will stand out in his
mind for years!

Finding the perfect Father’s Day Gift might require you to talk to people around your Dad. Inquire about any new hobbies or interests he has been pursuing and be sure to ask about things he’s thought about, but hasn’t yet pursued. Whatever you decide to get Dad this year just follow our simple rules and your gift will be a guaranteed success:

The Best Father’s Day Gifts are Properly Wrapped

Whether it is a power tool or a piece of fine jewelry, the perfect gift must be properly gift-wrapped. In fact, I’ve seen a “good gift” transformed into a “perfect gift” with the proper presentation. (The bag you get from the cashier does not count as gift-wrapping!) Personalized gift baskets for Father’s Day are often a great choice because they are based on the recipient’s preferences, and are impeccably packaged.

When it Comes to Gift Giving, Stick to Quality over Quantity

The perfect gift doesn’t have to be expensive, but it must fall within his realm of interests and it should be of good quality. Successful gift givers always stick to the principal of “less is more.” Get him what he would want even it means giving him less of it! For example, a chocolate lover might politely accept a large box of chocolates from a grocery store, but one perfectly crafted with gourmet chocolate would have a greater effect at a potentially equal cost.

It’s The Thought That Counts

When you take the extra time to “reverse engineer” the perfect gift, it clearly demonstrates to Dad that you put time, effort and energy into your selection. It shows him that you really thought about him, which is ultimately the true essence of gift giving.

Ryan Abood is President of GourmetGiftBaskets.com, an online purveyor of premium Father’s Day Gift Baskets (one of many perfect Father’s Day Gifts).

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