7 Gift Giving Tips Guaranteed To Help You Choose A Gift That Will Be Appreciated

It seems as though gift giving is a year long activity. There are birthdays, Holidays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, baptisms, Valentine’s day, thank you gifts, office parties, farewells; you name it, there’s probably an occasion where you are expected to show up with a gift of some sort.

Now with so many year long occasions, sooner or later many people find themselves mystified, baffled, stumped or at a complete loss for gift giving ideas since you seem to have given every gift on one occasion or another, and you may have even given the same type of gift more than once! But no need to fret or fear for there are some gift giving tips guaranteed to help you chose a gift that will be appreciated.

Tip 1; you can only go with the typical, generic types of gifts for so long. Sure when new items, products or commodities come on the market with acclaim, it’s fun to try them out as gifts. But after a while it gets boring to get the same thing everyone and their mother got too. Try taking the road less traveled to the store or mall or antique shop and look for something that isn’t mass produced, or something that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Tip 2; time to start putting a little more effort into your gift choosing pursuits. We all have issues with time these days. Everyone’s either complaining that the day is too long or that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. But if you really want to get a gift that would be truly appreciated by that special someone, then you have to do your homework. Ask simple questions like, “who’s you favorite actor of all times?” or “which country or place you definitely want to visit?”

But besides asking subtle questions, to which you may get straightforward answers, try observing the person to whom you intend to give a gift that will be appreciated. Take mental notes of his or her movie and music collection, they colours he or she wears most often, the types of books that he/she reads, the kind of sports he or she loves.

By doing some investigating of your own, without having discussed such things in previous conversations, you are showing your special person that, apart from the gift, you really do take an interest and you actually put some thought into getting the gift as opposed to just picking up one of the most advertised gift items as seen on TV.

Tip 3; customize gifts. You can put a little extra thought into a present by simply adding something sentimental to it. This is guaranteed to make any gift a truly appreciated present. Customizing jewelry for instance can turn an ordinary ring or necklace into an heirloom, a thing to be treasured.

Engravings on rings, locket type necklaces with treasured photos or earrings made of the birthstone of that special person. Gifts that may seem conventional can be transformed into an invaluable sentimental treasure that will be infinitely appreciated with a little customizing.

Tip 4; recognize the value of appropriateness. This simply means that you always bear in mind the occasion at hand and the person you are getting a gift for. For instance, it’s your mom’s 70th birthday and your present to her is a black silk dress with a plunging neck line. Maybe in her earlier years, but at 70, you may want to consider something that is more age and occasion appropriate. Likewise you shouldn’t show up on Valentine’s day with a toaster.

Tip 5; always remember that the gift you are intending to give to someone else is a gift for them, not a gift for them and by extension, for you. This is particularly useful to bear in mind when buying gifts for family members. For instance, you gave your mom a Juicing Machine since you’ve decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle, or you gave your sister an outfit that you can’t wait to borrow the next day. People appreciate gifts when the gift makes them feel like it’s especially for them. Don’t buy presents that would benefit you more than it would the person who you are buying for.

Tip 6; in addition to tip five, one of the most common mistakes people make when purchasing gifts for people is that the buyer of the gift often buys the things that appeal to him or her and not the things that might appeal to the person receiving the gift. For instance you get your friend an olive green jacket because you liked it, when your friend looks like the walking dead in anything olive green.

If the person you are choosing a gift item for and you do not know any specifics about them, it’s better to buy a ‘neutral gift’ like a gift basket or a desktop pen and paperweight set, rather than buying a gift that you liked. They’ll surely appreciate it. The true spirit of giving is consideration for other people’s needs, wants, likes and dislikes, not yours.

Tip 7; Money is no option, and it really doesn’t have to be. Remember that the idea behind giving someone a gift is not necessarily the gift itself, but the feelings and thoughts that manifested itself into something tangible. Your gift does not have to be Wall Street expensive, Paris designer made or jewels made for Royalty.

While it is nice to receive something expensive and extravagant, it is worth remembering that people can experience the same feelings of joy, pride and appreciation from a gift made with your own two hands, or something inexpensive that came sincerely from your heart.

The principle behind giving a gift with the hope of having the gift well received and appreciated lies in the old adage ‘it is the thought that counts’.

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