The Best Gifts For One and All

In order to discover the best gift your recipient is sure to love we need to get one thing straight right off the bat. There is no best gift for one and all. To prove it take a gander at some of the so-called top gifts web users are gawking at.

Infoglobe – A transparent sphere that displays caller ID information. Fascinating? yes. But not what I’ve always dreamed of having. Or how about a USB Cup Warmer – It plugs into the USB port on the computer and keeps the cup warm up to 176 degrees. Interesting, but not everyone’s cup of tea.

That said we can now better appreciate a universal truism. Not all gifts dubbed “best gifts” or “top 10 favorite gifts” measure up to “best” or “tops” as far as the recipient is concerned. The fact is most folks have widely different tastes in gifts. As a matter of fact many are not really into boxed, wrapped gifts with the shiney bow on top at all. These would rather receive a thoughtful greeting card written by the hand of the provider, along with a kiss and a hug.

When the holidays roll around I’m amazed at how folks become preoccupied frantically hunting down what they hope to be the ideal gifts for family and friends. It seems that some celebrations have evolved into something more like a stock exchange. The fact is the best gift anyone can give is an a meaningful exchange of values, hope and inspiration. These make the greatest impressions on our lives and give much needed direction. Still if you’re going to give a gift of a material kind you might as well do it right. Take the time to give a gift your recipient will appreciate. What kind of gift might that be?

Best Gifts For Family Members

Family members should be the easiest recipients to please. That’s not always the case and the reasons are not so obvious. Some family members appreciate a practical gift associated with a goal or task at hand. Others prefer a gift that does not remind them of family duties and obligations, but just the opposite. A well thought out gift is one that fills a practical need or one that says I appreciate all that you’re dealing with. Hey, take a break. That said, it’s best to take the time to get to know what the recipient values as a gift. Be careful, this can get pretty tricky. Although some have a mental wish list of specific items they would like to receive, others prefer something unique and creative.

Best Gifts For A Friend

Finding the right gift for a friend need not be a challenge so long as you and your friend have a lot in common. If you like the same activities in the form of entertainment, sports, fitness or hobbies there will be no problem finding a gift with some meaning or practical value. But if your friendship is relatively new or you’re not sure what they really like there’s good reason to roll up the arm sleeves and start digging for answers. How can this be best accomplished? An intimate conversation. A visit to the recipients home. A look at their prized collections, books, hobbies, etc.. Either way it’s going to take a little work.

Best Gifts For An Acquaintance

Finding the right gifts for acquaintances can be a challenge. If your acquaintance list is a bit long you’ll want to set some parameters as to how far you’ll go to please them all. Here are some sound limits.

  1. Don’t waste your gas
  2. Don’t break your back.
  3. Don’t empty your wallet.
  4. Don’t stress out.
  5. Don’t wait until the last minute.

In order to accomplish 1-4 you’ll need to prioritize line 5. So how can you save time, gas, conversation, shopping battles and guesswork gift shopping for acquaintances? A store issued gift card often does the job. Store issued gift card from your favorite store is like putting ticket for a shopping spree someones wallet. Most folks can’t wait to use it. Store issued gift cards often come in a variety of load values. Obviously values of $50 or more will likely win your recipient over. Of course you will want to choose a merchant gift card that the recipient regularly patronizes. If you’re not sure you can always ask.

Gift Giving Alternatives

In today’s busy society more folks are opting for prepaid debit gift cards over store issued gift cards. Most folks would be happy to receive a Visa or MasterCard credit card that comes with “0” APR, no service fees and no monthly payments what so ever. Problem is there’s no such thing. The alternative is the prepaid debt gift card. The fact that it can be ordered online and instantly shipped to the recipients address at little or no charge may very well make it win out over bulky heavy weight gifts. When comparing the satisfaction rate to store issued cards, prepaid gift card have greater usability. Prepaid debit gift cards are offered by banks, grocers and can be ordered online.

The prepaid debit card can be used at stores, hotels and restaurants nationwide as well as internationally. Even better the recipient can use it to purchase almost anything and everything from an appliance to a night out on the town. I have to admit; they do have a way of pleasing the most finicky recipient including family members and friends.

Gifts With That Personal Touch

It is suggested that when giving a prepaid debit gift card, take the time to wrap it up or add a personalized hand written greeting card. That personal touch is always a pleaser.

Gifts are not so much about giving the recipient something amazingly impressive. Gift giving is about giving both the recipient and the giver an excuse to express affection, endearment and the appreciation they have for each other. That said the best gift that’s sure to please one and all is the gift that comes with a little forethought and a lot of appreciation from you.

Mark Askew is the founder of Fimark’s Prepaid Gift Cards at A growing practical gift giving alternative.

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