3 Ideas for Practical and Stylish Gifts for Men and Women

Whether you are shopping for a birthday present or for a gift to mark another special occasion, selecting a present that is both classy and useful can be difficult.

This is true for of both men’s and women’s gifts, although many find it even more complicated when it comes to buying for the opposite sex.

With that said, there are a few great ideas for gifts that can be given to both men and women, and are sure to be much appreciated by whoever receives them. Instead of the engraved pen or the box of expensive chocolates, try choosing one of the following items next time you need to invest in a practical and stylish present for someone.

One exceptionally classy and stylish item that you can buy for a gift – whether for a family member or a colleague – is a leather holdall bag. Whether small or large, these items will come in extremely handy for any recipient, allowing them to take their essential belongings with them on a business trip or a weekend city break.

The leather holdall bag is a good choice as it not only looks good, but is also extremely practical. As people travel often these days, having a sturdy bag to transport clothes and other items around is a necessity, and this item fits this role perfectly.

The other advantage of the leather holdall bag is that it is made of a tough, resistant material, and often features a classic, unisex design. Like the engraved pen mentioned earlier, this type of item will be used and appreciated due to the sheer quality of the item, and suits and can be used by both men and women.

Another idea for a practical and stylish gift – especially for those who travel a great deal for business – is a classy leather travel wallet. Like the leather holdall bag, this item often comes in a classic, unisex design, making it a great gift for a variety of people. As well as being stylish in design, a leather travel wallet is resistant enough to put up with a lot of use.

A travel wallet differs from a normal wallet in that it can hold more items and important documents than other wallets and purses, and therefore is exceptionally handy for businesspeople and those who are travelling extensively and need to carry a large number of tickets and cards with them.

Although this is an extremely useful item, not everyone who travels already has one, which is why buying this kind of gift is a good choice for the person that already ‘has everything’. A travel wallet can make travelling a great deal easier, and choosing to gift a high quality leather design will guarantee that it will be used.

The final suggestion for a useful yet stylish gift is a high quality computer case, designed specifically to transport laptops and other fragile hardware around. Again, this is a good choice for both friends and colleagues, as many people use and transport laptops in their daily lives, whether for business, study or pleasure.

The key here is to look for a computer case that looks good as well as provides excellent protection for a laptop; unlike the leather holdall bag or travel wallet, there are many cheaper computer cases on the market that may deliver some protection but are unfortunately lacking in the looks department.

To find one that has achieved a balance between style and substance, seek out a reputable retailer of travel goods and bags, as they will often be able to advise you on the right choice for your specific needs.Whichever one of these three ideas that you choose, the recipient of your gift is sure to be delighted with their well-made, practical and well thought-out present.

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