Unusual Gift and Unique Gift Idea – Sensible and Practical

I was prompted to write this because of a random conversation I had with someone I know. She’d been looking for a gift to give as a wedding present, but wanted to get something unusual that she believed would be unique. She was a bit shocked when she did an internet search for ‘an unusual gift’. While many of the returns were amusing most were just utter rubbish. I don’t know whether there was an outcome for her, but it made me think about the problem of finding something that is fairly unique or unusual that would make a suitable gift. This is what I came up with.

For a gift to meet our criteria it must be something that other people are unlikely to think of, so that it is the only one received and it must be practical, not too expensive and answer some kind of need on occasion.

My own idea, may seem a little mundane when compared to some of the wild, wacky and utterly useless tack that came up while my friend was searching, but it will still be around, and still useful long after the silliness has worn off.

Why not think about getting someone a barbecue? Not just any barbecue though, get them an electric one. Lots of your family and friends will already have a charcoal or gas barbecue, but only a relative few will also have an electric alternative. Unless you’re familiar with electric barbecue grills you may wonder why I’d suggest getting someone an electric one if they already have a solid fuel or gas barbecue already. It’s this question that makes my idea a little bit unique.

Unlike traditional barbecues, electric ones do not produce poisonous fumes. This makes them safe for use inside the house. This one fact alone makes the case for electric barbecue grills. Given our lovely British weather, many barbecues simply don’t happen as planned. They may be rained off or cancelled because of other adverse weather conditions. With an electric barbecue, the cooking can be simply moved indoors. At least the barbecue can still happen. It’s also useful for people who do not have outside space or live somewhere that forbids open flames.

Another reason that an electric barbecue grill makes such a useful gift is that it can be used as a cooker in its own right. Teppanyaki grills can be used as centre pieces at the kitchen table or as a feature in their own right in the dining room at an informal dinner gathering. They are essentially a very attractive cooking area where food can be prepared in front of, and even by guests themselves. They come in various sizes from modest to really quite large. Best of all, along with other electric barbecue grills, they are really inexpensive and excellent value for money.

If you’d like more information, take a look at the review site below. It features the most popular electric barbecue grills, but in addition will show you what is possible with Teppanyaki. Here’s the link. UK Electric Barbecue Review

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