5 Ideas for Christmas Gifts for Your Pet Dog

Our pets are as much a part of the family as any human, and Christmas can be the perfect occasion to splash out on a little treat for them too. There is now a large number of pet supplies retailers out there offering a range of Christmas themed gifts for your dog, so you are sure to find something that is ideal for your four legged friend.

Our first suggestion for a doggy gift this Christmas is investing in a special advent calendar for your pet. These can not only make for a fantastic decoration, but will ensure that your dog gets a treat every day in the build up to Christmas Day, just like all the children in the household are.

5 Ideas for Christmas Gifts for Your Pet Dog

As your dog will be getting a treat every day for almost a month, make sure that you choose a doggie advent calendar that is filled with snacks that are as healthy as they are tasty. We can all end up gaining a few pounds over the holiday period, so prevent this happening to your pet too! The calendar can also be a great way to spread treats out so that there is no gorging on Christmas Day.

A second idea for the perfect Christmas present for your dog is another edible festive treat. As with the advent calendar above, there are many retailers offering festive themed doggie biscuits and treats, ranging from a bag of some favorite snacks in festive packaging to a complete bone wreath that looks wonderful and that your dog is sure to enjoy eating.

Another edible stocking filer is the decorated carob and rawhide bone, which can feature a variety of seasonal patterns so it looks as good as it tastes to your furry companion. Many retailers will offer to gift wrap your dog treats as well for a much more festive feel when they are unwrapped under the tree.

For those looking for a little more variety, one gift idea that is offered by many pet specialists is the gift box full of a selection of different treats and dog toys. This can be a great way to get your dog a number of items without having to search for them all individually by yourself.

These will come in a special gift box that will look great under the tree, and can also make a fantastic gift to your friends and family who are dog owners. It is also a good choice if your dog likes a mix of different tasty treats and enjoys all kinds of new toys. For dogs who like variety, a dog gift selection box can be perfect.

Despite the abundance of edible gifts on the market, there are a number of fantastic non-edible presents for your four legged friend too. Gifts that are sure to go down well with the entire family are dog bandanas in a variety of different Christmas designs, such as Santa bandanas, snowmen bandanas, robin bandanas and many more.

Dog bandanas are an unobtrusive way to dress up your pet for the holiday season, and can very comfortable to wear; those who are more adventurous can invest in a reindeer outfit or a doggie jumper, but only if your pet is happy to wear these garments.

The fifth and final suggestion for a Christmas gift is a seasonal toy, such as a chew able latex Christmas pudding, a Santa or reindeer plush toy, or even a quilted speaker toy in a snowman or elf design. If your dog is the playful type and enjoys new toys, this might be the perfect gift for them.

Regardless of your dog’s preferences, there are hundreds of perfect seasonal gifts on the market for your pet. Whether you invest in some tasty treats, dog bandanas or a squeaky toy, your canine companion is sure to be thrilled with what comes out of his or her stocking.

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