Healthy Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Eating healthy and following a healthy lifestyle is a priority for many of us. So, if you want to get a friend or a relative on the same page with you and introduce them to the wonders of living healthy through a “healthy” gift, you might want to think twice about what you’re going to offer them. You don’t want to send the wrong message by offering your friend a fitness DVD called “How to lose weight” complemented by a digital weighing scale and a “Good Luck” card… Despite your possible good intentions, that’s not even a gift, that’s just mean.

Healthy Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Healthy gifts should be offered in a way that’s thoughtful and sensitive, but most importantly effective. Since Christmas is just around the corner, what better way to celebrate it than by sharing the benefits of a healthy lifestyle with the people closest to you. Offering them a thoughtful and healthy gift will encourage them to pay more attention to their health and make them happy. Here are some healthy gift ideas to choose from:

For the technology lovers in your group, choose a fitness tracker that can monitor their daily activities, sleep patterns and improve their overall health. There are so many fitness trackers to choose from on the market, that you will just have to do some research, based on the budget you are willing to spend, and on the activity you think suits best the person receiving this amazing gift. This way you can determine which features they will want more on their tracker, all while proving what a good friend you are for taking the time to personalize this gift.

Fitness trackers record the steps, the total amount of calories burnt, and also the hours of sleep, making it easy to be aware of any problem areas that need improvement. This can motive them to exercise more by tracking their progress, become more organized and improve their sleep. If your friend or relative works at a desk and sits on a chair all day, some fitness trackers offer more options, as they can vibrate after a period of time to remember the person wearing it to stand up and take a short walk.

For the stressed out friends around you, give them something that might help them relax more and take the edge off. You can offer them some yoga classes with a cute yoga kit to show them you fully support them in changing their stressful lifestyle. You can even consider a Relaxing Tea Gift Set or a natural wake up light alarm clock. This can actually have a great impact on how a person starts their day and their energy levels throughout the day. It will gradually brighten with a daylight-type bulb and calming nature sounds instead of loud and annoying horn sounds. If you know someone who’s complaining about not sleeping well or not being a “morning person”, this little gift might change their life. You can also consider adding a relaxation sounds package that will help your loved one relax as they peacefully fall asleep.

For that one person always complaining about traffic or talking about having a healthier way to get places, a bike is the perfect gift. This is a great way to revamp their commute or simply start riding around town or in the park for some extra exercise. You can even throw in a waterproof and versatile backpack that will help them carry different things they might need while riding, and is also is also very healthy for their spine, as the weight is distributed on both shoulders. Now that’s a thoughtful and healthy gift!

For the cooking fans in your life, give them a reason to always make healthy snacks. A high powered mixing appliance or a juicer might bring up the appetite for healthy smoothies, cream soups and tasty natural juices instead of a soda. Since you’re already here, why not throw in some recipes that will give your lucky friends an extra reason to start a healthy lifestyle? This can motivate them to get into the healthy habit of juicing, with a juice cleanse that will make them look and feel great, while giving them extra energy.

Happy Shopping!

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